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Need more information on courses

HelpCategory: QuestionsNeed more information on courses
Riya asked 1 year ago


  • Course duration
  • Frequency
  • Source of learning ( physical assignment/ e learning )
  • For which level/ yrs of experience
Archana replied 1 year ago

Please allow me to reply your queries :

1) Course duration : We have mentioned for each course here.

2) Frequency : We come up with two batches every month. First is in starting week and another in third week mostly.

3) Source of learning : It is a combination of physical assignment and e – learning.

The whole course is divided into modules and each module carries related assignments. Modules will be provided to you in the form of hard copies at your postal address. The course is designed in such a way that by reading the materials and then writing the assignments, you will know all that is required to be knowledgeable on the subject. On top of this, we now have online classes for your support.

After completion of every assignment, you have to send a soft copy. Since it is an online / distance learning scheme, large part of the course will be covered by reading material and distant online learning / coaching by way of video steaming of lectures.

While giving you certification, we will consider average grade of your assignments as grade attained by you for the course.

4) For which level / years of experience : We have mentioned about target audience here.

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