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5 Reasons to Outsource Your HR in 2022

What is HR Outsourcing?

In the context of HR, outsourcing refers to a company’s decision to delegate entire or specific HR functions. Rather than dealing with them internally, companies delegate them to a secondary HR group or organization that will take care of them.

In today’s world, HR outsourcing (HRO) is one of the most commonly known and widely used services by many companies. All across the globe, we get to see small companies with 20 employees to large organizations with ten thousand employees outsourcing their HR departments.


Let us check 6 key advantages of outsourcing your HR Department.


  1. It is cost-effective for the organization:

First and foremost, if cost management is critical for you then we must note that this can be very effective in saving the cost for the company. The most significant advantage is that it enables work to be completed at a very low cost and in a lot more efficient manner. HR Outsourcing is also done from a costly wage location to a lower-cost location. The wage structures of Western developed countries and developing countries are vastly different. The same work that is done for a high price in the west can be obtained for a considerably lower price in developing countries like India, with a difference of up to 60%.

Many small businesses operate on a limited budget. At times, the amount of money saved can spell the difference between thriving and permanently closing a business. HR outsourcing is one approach for small firms to cut costs while simultaneously assisting with growth.


  1. Increases the efficiency of the company

Managing the day-to-day tasks of payroll and employee services can suck up a lot of an employee’s or department’s time in organizations with HR staff members on the team doing lots of day-to-day fire fighting. Companies can free up their HR team members to focus on long-term goals and business growth by outsourcing some of the most time-consuming HR responsibilities.

These outsourcing jobs are done to people or organizations who have a deeper understanding of the job and extensive experience in the field. These actions automatically enhance the work’s quality, and it may be completed quickly and efficiently.

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  1. Consistency in Various HR functions

One of the key reasons why human resource services are outsourced is to ensure that the HR department functions smoothly. Recently, the Pandemic caused a large exodus of employees from the companies resulting in the loss of top skilled employees. By outsourcing your HR, problems like inconsistency in your workplace can be avoided. You can always fulfill the immediate requirement by outsourcing your HR services. This enables the company to maintain consistency in its work.

Also Useful for Remote Staff Management

In today’s world, it’s uncommon for every employee to work in an office. Employees may be unclear about whom (or which office) to consult when they have questions because they are operating across multiple time zones. Outsourcing HR provides team members with a single point of contact for all of their questions, no matter where they are.


  1. Inexperience leads to mistakes

Managing employees today is difficult and requires specific knowledge in order to avoid violating the law. Most business owners just lack the expertise, and as a result, they make payroll mistakes, fail to keep adequate employee paperwork, and lack effective staff management rules. These knowledge gaps not only put the organization in danger and cost money, but they also cause business managers to spend more time than necessary on these duties.

Outsourcing HR will also allow you to expand your leadership team more swiftly. Outsourced HR firms have worked with a wide range of teams and will know what development tactics to use to guarantee that your employees are performing at their best. As a result, you’ll have a more cohesive, well-trained crew, which will boost your operations.


  1. Beneficial training program

Other than soft and hard skill training, your outsourced HR firm can give you access to its training programs, allowing you to focus on cost-generating activities while the HR team takes care of the training. They may ensure that your employees are trained on labor regulations, compliance, IT use, and other onboarding chores that would take time away from your main responsibilities.


Which HR Tasks Can Be Outsourced?

Entire HR functions can be quite advantageous when outsourced. But, if you do decide to outsource human resources, which HR services can you outsource? Some of them may still require one-on-one attention from someone in your company. Many activities, particularly administrative ones, can, nevertheless, be securely outsourced. Though we recommend even the HR functions to get help from industries’ veteran HR leaders that these firms may have.



Payroll involves much more than simply issuing paychecks to employees. Not only does it involve paying employees, but it also involves calculating hourly wages, withholding taxes, and other tasks. There are additional state regulation payroll requirements that businesses must follow. All of these payroll procedures can be handled by outsourced HR.



Employee perks include everything from health insurance to contributions to retirement accounts. They frequently require a great deal of time-consuming documentation. It may also require a significant amount of HR experience. Outsourcing guarantees that all of these processes are handled by a specialized HR specialist.



While certain training is required in-house, such as for employee positions specific on-job training, there are other general training requirements that can be outsourced. Diversity training, sexual harassment training, ethics training, and other topics are covered.


Screening for Pre-Employment

Outsourced HR can handle some pre-requisites for hiring, such as specialized talent technical tests, psychometric tests, or other prerequisites if your organization has them. This can assist you in weeding out unqualified prospects before they reach the decision-makers in the recruiting process. Background checks are similar things.



Although your organization would make the final hiring decision, the rest of the employment process may be outsourced. Everything from advertising open vacancies to going through resumes can be handled by outsourced HR. As said, they can also do all pre-employment screenings and meet with you for interviews.

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– Written by Anjali Swarup D and Ananya Kumar

Global HRO team of Salahkaar Consultants.


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