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Why are some people successful in their career and others are not??? Many studies have been carried out to understand why all employees cannot perform well in their jobs. David McClelland proposed a variable labeled as ‘Competency’, which can be defined as a reliably measurable, relatively enduring characteristic of an individual, which is casually related to and statistically predicts effective or superior performance in a job. Studies have shown that Competency-based Training & Development and Performance Management shift the performance curve of employees positively, worth 30-60%. Since then many Fortune 500 companies have adopted competency as the basis to integrate their Human Resources Systems. The actual building of the Competency Model and then its implementation in an organization has always remained a challenge owing to the fact that the exercise requires not only time and resources but also competent facilitators.

Keeping this fact in view Salahkaar Consultants introduces the next batch of a 3 months certificate course in Competency Mapping, ‘Certified Competency Mapping Manager’ to help you understand the distinct approach and the detailed methodologies involved in building Competency Model that not only addresses your organizations constraints and needs but also provides inputs to effectively integrate, implement and use the model.

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Rs.17000 (CCMM) / Rs. 20,000 (CCME). Interest free installment option is available.
For Other Countries: $500 or $650

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Course duration is four months. Fast track option of one month is available.