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Campus Hire

Gainful employment for fresh graduates from technical institutes, colleges and universities has been an unceasing dilemma for the industry. In addition to this, companies hiring from campuses across India are faced with the additional challenges of selecting the appropriate campus to visit, understanding campus trends, branding themselves at the campus, managing the logistics of coordinating with the placement offices on various campuses, setting the dates of various visits (pre-placement student interaction, interviews, etc.), conducting assessments and following up with graduating students before joining, all of which comes at considerable effort and cost.

Salahkaar Consultants’ Campus Recruitment Team is a focused group that formulates and executes solutions to address these corporate challenges. The team’s mission is to enable industry-academia interaction, reach out to young minds, and help them realize their career aspirations while helping the corporate world discover the finest talent graduating from academic institutions across the country.

We can help you this way:

Step 1 – We will approach numerous institutions to have a better choice of talent by way of our online system.
Step 2 – We will conduct technical and language tests to filter at the first level.
Step 3 – We will then run you through the first level shortlisting and have your approval for the list.
Step 4 – We will conduct a battery of psychometric tests to get the best culture fit.
Step 5 – Will do reference and background checks are done.
Step 6 – We will then have a behavioural event interview done or the entire Assessment Centre to have a cross-check on all the above results and predict future performance and suggest training needs.
Step 7 – Finally, you will have three best to less preferred candidates to choose from.

The above method is managed using our in-house tools, copywritten and benchmarked processes using highly experienced consultants so that you get the best result.

If you wish to join hands with us with the aim to increase campus placement results, please contact us here.




A Blog written by Sanya Tyagi:

Companies these days need young minds who can create a difference with their ideas and enthusiasm in the workspaces. And one of the hot spots of finding such minds is the on-campus (universities and colleges). The process of finding and recruiting or hiring entry-level employees directly from colleges and universities is called Campus Recruitment. Sounds simple right? It isn’t. The process of campus recruitment is anything but simple. There are various steps involved in the process of hiring an intern directly from the college. With the fierce competition amongst the graduates and the multitude of choices available, the process of campus recruitment becomes even tougher than ever before. This blog explores the various aspects of the entire process of campus recruitment; why is it more important than ever before, how to hire, strategies to adopt before recruiting the graduates, and many such questions revolving around it.



The need for labor is more now when the market is tight. The major concern for organizations these days is the lack of talent and novelty. The jobs that are relevant today might not be relevant soon with the technological advances in various industries. And due to this shortage of people and jobs reducing, campus recruitment allows organization to select highly educated and diverse candidates from a pool of eligible students to cater for their hiring requirements and plausible growth opportunities for the future. Most importantly, the employers are looking for candidates who are lively and will start with their new role with the right and positive energy needed to get higher results and rise the company on charts.



There are different people involved in the process of campus recruitment at every stage. The Employers, Campus Recruiters, Representatives of the University’s placement cells or career cells and the college students are the main players. Companies have specific jobs to give final decisions, whereas campus recruiters are only responsible for finding, engaging and hiring interns for the companies. Even in universities, the staff and student representatives are dedicated to helping students find different job opportunities and help them get settled in their new roles post-graduation. There are people involved from the HR department of the company like the HR managers who explain the job descriptions and even help in interviewing. Then many Recruitment Marketing Firms help in endorsing a particular company and give the potential candidates an insight about what it’s like to work for that company.



There are two major ways through which employers can campus recruit:

  • On-site: The employers go to the university, explain the organization’s work, collect the resumes, and screen prospective candidates. For an on-site recruitment process, the university might have a career fair or have independent workshops or sessions for the employers to hire from the campus.
  • Virtual: In the virtual recruitment process, the employers are not physically present and hire the students through communicating over emails, calls, and messages. They schedule interviews or might even ask the candidates to send them a recorded video for their interviews and the final call can be done by way of a video interview with hiring managers and HR representative(s).


As per our Director, Shalav Daftuar, it will make sense to have at least one final round candidate per position called for a face-to-face meeting to remain fully sure about the quality of the candidate. We also recommend the two best candidates called for a face-to-face interview if the budget is not a constraint.



  1. Identify your company’s hiring needs

This is the first step in the process of hiring. Understand what are your hiring needs, what are you looking for in a candidate, and then shortlist the targeted universities. Knowing the knowledge required for the specific role will enable the recruiters to select from the appropriate program. Next is to look for those colleges and universities that specialize in these academic courses or programs that match their hiring needs.  For eg: a company wants to hire IT professionals, then it will look for or partner with those campuses that are known for their technical IT programs and courses, so will be the case with banking and financial sector companies.


By the way, if you wish to join hands with us with the aim to increase campus placement results, please contact us here.


  1. Contact the Placement cells or the career development cells

Once the universities have been shortlisted, the next step is to reach out to the career development cells of the same. The employers must establish a good relationship with the cell as each program has certain guidelines and timelines that are associated with its recruitment process. The employers would want that they do not miss these important events and the career development cells will help and keep them updated on the same.

  1. Planning and Organizing

Once the recruiters know the timelines of the events, they will have to plan and organize resources internally to start with the recruitment process soon. They will develop a calendar and coordinate within themselves if they are going to multiple universities to hire. The recruiters will have to confirm which event they are going to attend and if they have the required budget for the same. The resources that are required for the campus hiring possess are the campus recruiters or representatives of the company, promotional material and giveaways.

  1. Attracting students

As soon as you are on campus, you should start building your employer brand. A marketing partnership can be invaluable in this case, as the marketing team of an organization can tailor its presentations to specifically appeal to campus audiences. Additionally, recruiters can assist the marketing team with developing campus branded materials by providing insight into what the diverse student groups on campus look for in an employer. Another way of attracting students on campus is to use online campus recruitment tools, which helps organizations promote their distinctive brand to multiple campuses.

  1. Offer and Onboard

In addition to efforts on-campus, the strategy continues into the onboarding and offer stages. Recruiters should be aware of benchmark compensation for entry-level hires as well as other perks that students and recent graduates are likely to be looking for when extending employment offers. As the student career development cell often compiles and publishes data on student compensation across a variety of academic programs and industries, it is a great source of this information.


Again, Our Director, Shalav Daftuar, recommends companies can strategize to look different by having a joining bonus kind of scheme to onboard the best ones at the same time not have a recurring investment. Similar attraction can be in terms of having a lesser probation period if you are going to prestigious campuses.



Onboarding begins when the offer letter has been given and it continues till or beyond the orientation. The onboarding process is all about providing the new employees with all the necessary resources to make them feel welcome in their new roles and introduce them to the entire staff of the office. The company can also assign the new joiners to their respective coaches/mentors who can mentor them informally and/or formally. These mentors can help students with any questions and get them acquainted with the company’s functioning.

An effective campus recruitment strategy can help your organization attract highly educated and talented entry-level employees. The goal of a successful recruiting strategy is to meet current recruiting needs while establishing relationships with students on campus to build a pipeline for future recruitment needs. Therefore, do not take this as one-time thing. Always remember that you will come back, therefore keep the brand image high.

We hope you must have enjoyed the reading..

Good luck for your next campus hiring..


If you wish to join hands with us with the aim to increase campus placement results, please contact us here.




  • ABC Bearing Ltd.
  • AC Nielson ORG-MARG
  • Action India
  • Alembic Chemicals Ltd.
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Arthur Anderson Consulting
  • ABB
  • Astrazenica Ltd.
  • B. T. A. Cellular Ltd.
  • B. E. S. & T Ltd.
  • Bank of Baroda Staff College
  • Baroda Management
  • Batliboi Ltd.
  • Bax Global India Ltd.
  • Berger Paints (I) Ltd.
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL)
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Birla Copper Ltd.
  • Blue Star Ltd.
  • BSES Management Institute
  • Cerebus Consultants
  • CR Seals India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Daimler Chrysler India Pvt. Ltd.
  • E. I. DuPont India Ltd.
  • Enercon India Ltd.
  • FAG Precision Bearings Ltd.
  • Fritolay India Ltd.
  • Globe Span India Ltd.
  • Godrej Industries Ltd.
  • Gujarat Alkali and Chemical Ltd (GACL)
  • Gujarat Communication and Electronic Ltd.
  • Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB)
  • Gujarat State Fertilizers Company (GSFC)
  • Hindustan Construction Company
  • Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
  • HPCL Vikas Refinery (HPCL)
  • Hikal Ltd.
  • IDBI Bank
  • Idea Cellular Ltd.
  • Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Ltd (IFFCO)
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL)
  • Indian Oil Tanking Ltd (IOTL)
  • Indian Petrochemical Corporation Ltd (IPCL)
  • Indo- Burma Petroleum Ltd (IBP)
  • Indo-Gulf Corporation
  • Institute of Human Capital (IHC)
  • Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • IT Preneurs, Jyoti Ltd.
  • JMDI Ltd.
  • Johnson and Johnson Ltd.
  • Kamala Dials Ltd.
  • Kanoria Chemicals and Industries Ltd.,
  • Keane India Ltd.
  • Kenstar WZ
  • Krishak Bharti Cooperative Ltd (KRIBHCO)
  • Kuoni Travel (I) Ltd.
  • Lakhanpal National Ltd.
  • Larson and Toubro Ltd.
  • Ma Foi Management Consultants Limited
  • MAJAN College
  • MICO India Ltd.
  • MIEL e-security Ltd.
  • NDDB Ltd.
  • Nilaka Consultants Ltd.
  • Oil and Natural Gas Commission Ltd. (ONGC)
  • OMAN
  • Reliance Industries Ltd. (The Biotech Division)
  • Reliance Petroleum Ltd.
  • Sarabhai Chemicals Ltd.
  • SIES College
  • SPANCO Telesystems and Solutions Ltd.
  • Spectronet Ltd.
  • SPG Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Star Electronics Ltd.
  • Sulzer India Ltd.
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  • Tata Atlas India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tata Management Training Center (TMTC)
  • TVS & Sons Ltd.
  • Wartsila India Ltd.
  • Welspun India Ltd.
  • Yahama Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Zydus Cadila Health Care Ltd.

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