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Assessment and Development Centre (ACDC) focused on Competency Mapping and Talent Management

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Certification by Salahkaar Consultants’ Certification Division and a London based certifying institute

We will teach you to do entire ACDC exercise without taking help from any consultant at your company

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We were first to bring these training workshops in India

Worldwide clients appreciate Salahkaar Consultants’ work. Please check what an HR Manager from Tajikistan has to say this


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If you wish to add value to your organization and make your presence felt for your organization’s growth and development then ACDC for Competency Mapping and Talent Management is the right training for you. 

We qualify you as A CERTIFIED ASSESSOR


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Seasoned CEOs and top management teams with HR managers understand that right assessment for competency mapping and talent management brings in a lot of value to the organizations in terms of right selection and retention of employees.

Globally, the use of Assessment and Development Centre (ACDC), is one of the top trends in the managerial world today. This is simply because it brings direct impact on the quality of manpower which, in turn, brings in the biggest contribution to the bottom line.

ACDC is one of our most successful programs wherein we train the candidates to become a CERTIFIED assessor for Assessment Centre Exercises.

Survey findings at globally the best companies for Assessment Centres:

  • Internationally renowned ‘Personnel Today’s’ sister publication, ‘Employment
    Review’ in their recent survey found that nine out of 10 employers using
    assessment centres accept them as a very effective – (47%) or fairly effective
    -(48%) means of recruiting staff.
  • In another survey in the UK this time, it was found that private sector services
    companies were the most enthusiastic about assessment centres, with 56% believing
    them to be very effective.
  • Two-thirds (64%) of employers using assessment centres deploy them as part of
    their graduate recruitment programs.
  • The findings show that employers also typically employ assessment centres for
    the selection of senior managers (60%) or middle managers (62%). It finds great applications in campus hiring.



About us:

Salahkaar Consultants is a well-established Human Resource service providers and has focused on Assessment Centres since the development of the concept globally; and way before Indian firms woke up to it. Time and again, we have proved our mettle in varied fields of HR consulting, recruitment, training, testing and education.

Our workshops many times get foreign participants’ nomination along with many local Indian senior managers / directors’ attendance. You can expect the same this time. You get opportunities to rub shoulders and network with imminent HR professionals by attending the event.

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Faculty – Dr. C. N. Daftuar, A Thought Leader in ACDC:

Addressing all that has been mentioned above will be Dr. Daftuar, the awardee of the title ‘Man Of The Year’ from American Bibliographical Institute, a visiting faculty at Cambridge University, the first Indian to get a D. Litt in Organizational Behavior (OB); along with other top trainers and consultants who will train and guide you on how to start the valuable ‘Assessment Centre activities on your own.

Please check Dr. Daftuar’s detailed profile here



*Faculty interaction program, knowledge gathering, sharing, useful & applicable in terms of utilization in organizational scenario” – Jhilmil Das, Jain Steel & Power Limited

* I admire and highly appreciate the knowledge and candid sharing – Dr. Soniya S Yadwalkar, Head -HRO, Anakin Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

*Strenght of the Program- Program Contents – Mr. R. Venkit, Director Bilcare

*Simple language, no jargons, very interactive. – Ragunath Bhat , Sr. Manager -HR, Tecnimont ICB.Pvt Ltd Mumbai

*Strengths of the Program- Psychometric Tools – Mr. M.Krishnan Iyer, Asst Mgr-RADIXWEB

*I would like to invite you all to Srilanka because we want him to develop Psychological and counseling processes in our system.” – Mr. K.P.N Premasiri, Srilanka

* I don’t think any other company in South East Asia is as competent as you are. Great show, keep up the good work – Pranav, HCL Tech.

* Good contents, experienced trainer and very good interpretation” -B. Permshetty, Merlinhowk Associates Pvt Ltd



The selection and development of managers and executives had long been conducted on a fairly haphazard basis, relying on the experience, hunches and a few instances even biases of decision makers in organizations. Standardized tests and current interviewing techniques are not much widely accepted in selection and evaluation of managers and executives, in part because of the seeming gap between the simple skills measured by the tests and the complex skills (especially people-oriented skills) believed to be critical for managers and executives; as they are not possibly evaluated by the current methods.

There is a growing demand for quality Human Resource but the supply for the latter is scarce. Hence it is crucial to map and assess the employees and their competencies scientifically & effectively because if unsuitable candidates are recruited it may have serious implications for the organizational performance.

Knowledge of psychological testing and assessment coupled with the skills to administer various instruments and interpret the results obtained can help human resource and other professionals associated with selection, recruitment, placement, talent management, etc., to evaluate human talent & behavior in a comprehensive and standardized manner and formulate appropriate HR practices and management policies.

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For India: Rs. 64,500 plus GST
For Other Countries: $1200

Course Outline


Dr. C. N. Daftuar (D.Litt) defined Assessment Centre as a “method for assessing aptitude and performance and applied to a group of participants by trained assessors using various aptitude, diagnostic-processes in order to obtain information about applicants' abilities or development potential.” The Assessment Centre focuses on a set of varied exercises like psychometric testing, role play, behavioral event interview, etc., which are designed to simulate different aspects of work environment. These assessment center exercises are designed to assess how closely the candidates' behavior and skills match with the actual role requirements.


Assessment centre helps to-

  • Recruitment and promotion: Select the best from similar looking candidates. Save hiring costs in a big way. Where particular positions exist, that need to be filled, both internal and external candidates can be assessed for suitability to those specific posts. It is helpful in early identification of potential. The underlying rationale here is the need for an organisation to optimize talent as soon as possible. High potential people also need to be motivated so that they remain with the organisation.
  • Organization Branding: Build employer brand by giving them an image of a fair employer and
  • Competeny Mapping & Talent Management: In general, it has a great use for Competeny Mapping, Talent Management and similar exercises.
  • Diagnosis of training and development needs: Assessment and Development Centres offer the chance to establish individual training and development requirements, while providing candidates with a greater appreciation of their needs.
  • Organisational planning: Assessment Centres can be used to identify areas where widespread skill deficiencies exist within organisations, so that training can be developed in these areas. Results can also be integrated with human resource planning data to provide additional information concerning the number of people with particular skills needed to meet future needs.
  • Restructuring: Assessment and Development Centres can be used to assist the appointment of individuals into the new structure, identify individuals’ explicit strengths and development needs, key motivators and actions to meet needs. They can also be used to support career development planning for those appointed, and redeployment/career outplacement for those not.
  • Development: Development Centres can be used as a tool for team-building and the development of skills that will be called on in the future. Coaching and counselling sessions can be integrated into the programme to develop people during the course of the Development Centre

  • We were amongst the first in India to bring the concept of Assessment Centres to organizations as well as to academics.
  • Though we are considered industries' one of the best in this training, we keep our costs within the reach for most of our clients.
  • We are a pool of internationally reputed trainers and consultants.
  • We do various activities in the area of Assessment Centre (AC) like conducting AC, training on AC, certifying assessors and running distant learning courses.
  • We have 50 plus of our own psychometric tests which are the highest in India.
  • Our services have received overseas participation and acknowledgment.
  • Read more about us here

This course is intended for HR, Non-HR and other working or independent professionals like consultants involved in the designing, planning, and implementation of assessment and development centres to help them develop their skills, proficiency and understanding in order to run assessment and development centers in a highly efficient and cost effective manner so that they are able to:

  • Develop the ability to understand the importance of running an assessment centre and also to understand the practicalities and potential pitfalls of using an ACDC.
  • Appreciate assessment techniques and align them with organizational goals.
  • Acquire practical skills in the design and planning of an ACDC in their respective organizations.
  • Develop the ability to identify individuals with high potential early in their career to optimize their development opportunities and increase productivity.
  • Obtain knowledge about various psychometric testing and other measurement and assessment techniques and tools particularly observational skills.
  • Develop skills to use ACDC approaches and methodologies for Talent Management.
  • Learn to design, administer, interpret and evaluate an assessment tool customized for one's organization.
  • Developing organizational interventions on the basis of the assessment results to optimize the growth process.
  • Provide participants with the learning to establish low cost Assessment and Development Centres (ACDC).

  • What Is Assessment Centre?
  • Rise and Growth of the concept and practices of AC and DC-traditional and contemporary approaches.
  • Purpose and uses of ACDC.
  • What Are Competencies and Competency Mapping all about?
  • Designing an Assessment Centre.
  • How assessors are trained?
  • Behavioral Job Analysis.
  • Choosing appropriate exercises for ACDC.
  • Mastering Observation Skills And Behavior Reporting (BEI)
  • Exercises Used in ACDC for Mapping Competencies and Talent-Their Nature And Types.
  • Designing an Assessment Exercise.
  • Functional Simulation Exercises.
  • Assessing types of Behaviors; like Assertiveness.
  • Using BARS.
  • Preparing an Assessment Report.
  • Giving Constructive Assessment Feedback.
  • Implementing an Assessment Centre.
  • Relating Assessment with Development.
  • Live cases of Assessment Centre for Competency Mapping
  • Action Plan for Competency based HR management.

The participants will learn -

  • Behavioral profiling and Competencies assessment.
  • Designing Exercises and using them.
  • Observing and classifying behavior.
  • Learning to analyse and make use of cases and games and other exercises like lectures and discussions.

The Organization will get :

  • Cost effective tools to manage recruitment, promotions and placements.
  • An excellent way to manage talent.
  • Elimination of wastage in talent acquisition and management.
  • Higher levels of employee engagement.
  • Better preparation to implement more scientific compensation packages and other management policies.

The workshop is primarily intended to benefit Directors/ Senior Managers / Executives / Officers from all functions, both HR and non-HR, recruitment teams, interview panel groups, HR & Recruitment Consultants, etc., from organizations which are planning to or are in the process of developing competency-based HR and other systems, create their own assessment and development centres for growth, competitiveness and profitability.The program will also benefit individual professionals who want to become a Certified Assessor. The program also aims at exposing students in the same field to these various techniques and the vast knowledge involved, to make them more efficient future professionals.


It will be a combination of lectures, games, case-analysis, in-basket exercises, videos, role-plays, etc.


Three days of six hours of input sessions on each day. Apply now: Enroll today: You can send money using any mode which is used to send money from your country like your US Dollar account or online payment option like Paypal, Payumoney, etc. Let us know if you wish to make online credit or debit card payment as we will send you a link to do so. For bank transfer, you will be required to send money to our ICICI banks account.


This is a 2nd guarantee. Feedback for all workshops has been 'very good' to 'excellent'. If at all you are not satisfied, we will provide an equal value product/service for you. You can take up any other workshop, psychometric test, etc., free of cost. Though this has never happened since the quality standard is quite high, you are free to go for this option.