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Outsourced Labour, Security or Staff

We are one of the leading employee leasing services in India, offering skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled labour, security staff, contractual staff to businesses that may require staff for a certain period of time or for some particular assignment or to businesses who may not have the necessary infrastructure to carry out the some tiresome and labor-intensive tasks themselves. When you sign us on, we take care of all your requirements.

Outsourcing staff is an affordable solution to many businesses. It cuts costs and saves a substantial amount of time.

By outsourcing the entire recruitment process for permanent and conditional staff to us, you can focus on other areas of your business. We provide assurance that anyone we send your way is reliable, trustworthy, well trained and held to high standards. We take care of everything right from hiring the staff, administration to insurance and if required also housing of the employees.




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Outsourcing is the hiring of a third party outside the company to perform a planned or existing activity that is or could be done internally. In outsourcing services or job, functions are farmed out to a third party.

Labor Outsourcing (aka Labor subleasing) is a process where a third party is employed by an enterprise or organization which has a license to provide labor outsourcing services (“labor provider”) and then works for another employer (“outsourcing employer”).

The outsourced employee or worker is under the management authority of the outsourcing employer.  Labor relations between the outsourced employee and the labor provider are maintained.


Purposes of Labor Outsourcing

The reasons behind outsourcing labors are:

  • Labors are outsourced in order to temporarily satisfy a sudden increase in the labor force for a certain period of time.
  • They are also outsourced to temporarily replace employees on maternity leave, suffering from work-related accidents or occupational diseases, performing citizenship obligations (military service, etc.), or those entitled to a reduction in work hours.
  • When an organization requires highly qualified or technically skilled employees, laborers are outsourced in order to fulfill the requirements of the organization.


Outsourced Labor – Advantages

Advantages of using outsourced staff or independent contractors:

1. Cost – The major reason to commence with an outsourcing program is that many companies and organizations see their labor costs drop by as much as 70% when they begin outsourcing significant parts of their operations.  In many developed countries, the company or organization is accountable for paying a part of their employees’ taxes and other social benefits that in the case of outsourced labor doesn’t exist.  When hiring outsourced labor companies generally see significant savings related to their overall compensation through the elimination of these costs plus decreased “real” rates of pay.

2. Efficiency – Outsourced laborers are considered to be more efficient than internal laborers. It is because many outsourced employees/contractors are paid a fixed amount for fixed service, they don’t get paid on the basis of the amount of time that it takes to get work done, and they get paid exactly the same regardless of how long it takes to get the work done.  The company or organization is no longer negatively affected by incompetent internal workers as the outsourced staff has the inducement to get the work done faster than them.

3. Staff Diversification – You have more diversification in terms of staff when you outsource labor. For example, a small IT design company might only be able to afford two full-time programmers to provide project support services but they might be able to afford ten independent contractors.  If even one of them is out sick, or quits, or is fired, you can simply place more responsibility on the other nine workers.  In layman’s terms, the operation keeps going no matter what happens with an outsourced staff, whereas an internal employee’s actions can deeply affect a company or organization.

3. Scalability – Even on a massive product level, for example, an automobile manufacturer, the potentiality to outsource labor to different companies or organizations throughout the world allows the company to enlarge operations much quicker than if it had to construct a new plan for the development of its automobiles.  With more and more manufacturing companies in developing nations, it becomes much easier for even larger companies and organizations to expand once they embrace the process of outsourcing.  This is true even for the smaller companies, as they can now exceptionally grow their level of capacity by simply bringing in more independent contractors.  Due to the availability of the Internet and many open-source and low-cost project management platforms, a small IT company can quadruple the dimensions of its staff within a matter of days and be able to increase its capacity accordingly.

4. Flexibility – It might be unpleasant to terminate an employee or worker from the organization. Outsourcing labor makes it much easier than it would be for internal staff.  There are no legal requirements while terminating an independent contractor or outsourced employee or worker. Moreover, there is no necessity to pay for government-mandated worker’s compensation or unemployment insurance.  If a firm or organization wants to change its focus and is not satisfied with a particular service provider, or it simply changes its mind it can remove an outsourced position.  If a company or firm needs to cut its costs, it is much easier to do so with a largely outsourced staff or laborers than with a large internal staff of employees.

5. Competition – While a company may be hesitant to outsource but the company’s competition may not be, in fact, it is possible that they already have outsourced labor.  Imagine the consequences of these decisions if they are permitted to decrease their prices by 10% because their labor costs are 40% less than your company.  Not only the competitor company will likely improve their margins but they will also be able to price your company out of the market.

6. Labor Quality – There is a huge population of highly qualified independents due to unemployment who are eager to work (whether it is as an employee or independent) in many developed nations.  While your firm or company might be hiring Jr. Programmers fresh out of college to serve as full-time employees, your competitors might be hiring seasoned veterans having the same skill set and knowledge, and the major difference is that they are paying significantly less than your company.

7. Scalability – This especially applies to small and emerging organizations or firms. For instance, if you are a data security firm that is seeking to grow then it is much more difficult for you to increase your capacity if you are completely relying on internal employees than it is for your competition that is on the other hand relying on outsourced employees. Think about it; if a big contract comes up that will triple the size of your firm and the decision comes down to you and your competitor, you want to be the one that can quickly triple its capacity. If your firm is unable to grab the contract then it might go to your competition.


Benefits of Outsourcing Security for Your Business

Some of the benefits of outsourcing security services for your company are:

1. Diversified Experience & Layered Security Best Practices – Security service support comes with years of experience, knowledge. It has a substantial set of tools for monitoring security threats, regularly updating systems, and mitigate vulnerabilities at an affordable price.

It also helps you in maintaining the right security layers which include automated software patching, DNS security, firewalls, anti-malware, anti-phishing software, password managers, identifies and access management (IAM) tools, and more in order to minimize the risk of exposing data to unauthorized users.

2. Cost – Outsourcing security services enables you to access highly skilled professionals empowered with the latest technology in order to maintain security in your firm without adding much to the firm’s expenses.

These service providers can spread the costs of these tools and hardware across multiple customers, reducing your overall expenditures for the same level of service. Outsourcing security services proves to be a much more cost-efficient method than in-house security solutions right from the costs of risk analysis, threat modeling, security applications, appliances, and equipment.

3. Level the Playing Field – Many small and small-to-medium companies can’t afford to match the level of security with in-house support services in larger corporations. Outsourcing security management can help small companies level the playing field in business by providing them with top-notch security technology, and expertise that large organization enjoy.

What is the best part about outsourcing security services is that you don’t even have to invest a large amount of money exclusively for all of these tools and technology.

4. Reduce Risk – Maintaining security in a company or organization is a difficult task. It involves multiple aspects of risk, such as competition, government regulations, markets, financial conditions, changing technology, etc.

Outsourcing security service providers handle most of the business risk that comes for your organization or firm, with specific industry knowledge and expertise, especially about compliance and regulatory issues.

These security service providers build customized risk management strategies that are apt for your organization or company’s business model and needs. They evaluate all risk areas and regulate a plan to follow in case of security breaches, which helps in reducing downtime and costs by a significant margin.

5. Scalability – One of the major advantages of outsourcing security services is that it can be done on an “as-needed” basis. It gives businesses the ability to quickly escape up with an already trained and knowledgeable staff that can handle the vigorous volume of business.

Depending on the need and size of your organization, it’s possible to easily scale up and down to various numbers of security experts as needed when outsourcing.

6. Quickly Deploy New Technology – Managing and deploying the same project in-house might take a considerable amount of time to recruit or hire the right employees, provide training, and offer the necessary tools and software support they require.

In the case of outsourced IT services, it comes bearing years of experience and knowledge in different projects. So you can save time and money from the beginning of the project without much hassle.

7. Stay Focused – Having a professional cybersecurity team in the organization allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business like growing and supporting your business, managing operations, expanding marketing, perfecting the product development process – not troubleshooting hardware or software, and user issues.

Having an outsourced IT team in the firm can help you collectively focus all of your energy, effort, and time on pushing your business to achieve your goals and not get distracted by other decisions.


Top 10 HR Outsourcing Companies in India

Here is the list of the top 10 HR Outsourcing Companies in India:

1. Uplers – It is a global outsourcing company based in Sydney, specializing in web development, SEO, PPC, and digital strategy.

Located in Ahmedabad, India.

Website –

2. Adecco – Based in Zurich, Switzerland Adecco is an HR solutions company with additional offices in the United States, France, Italy, Spain, and India.

Located in Raipur, Hyderabad & Vadodara  

Website –

3. Kelly Services – It is a human resources outsourcing firm headquartered in Troy, Mich. It has 15 global offices throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Their services are entirely focused on HR consulting and outsourcing.

Located in Gurgaon, India.

Website –

4. DiskriterIt is a business conglomerate headquartered in Pittsburgh. It has offices in India and all over the United States. It provides web development, digital strategy, marketing strategy, HR consulting and outsourcing, and IT managed services.

Located in New Delhi, India.

Website –

5. Reflik – It is a crowdsourcing HR platform based in Somerset, New Jersey. They specialize in human resources consulting and outsourcing. They work with business services, financial services, IT, manufacturing, and retail industries. 

It operates virtually in India. 

Website –

6. CFT Consulting – It is an RPO and sales training business founded in 2016. They offer IT staff augmentation, IT strategy consulting, and business consulting services.

Located in Kalyan, India.

Website –

7. TopHawks Marketing Solutions – It is an outsourcing company based in India that provides branding, business consulting, and CRM consulting services.

Located in New Delhi, India.

Website –

8. Kunsh Technologies – It is a development agency based in India, established in 2010. They offer web development, design, HR consulting & outsourcing, and e-commerce development.

Located in Ahmedabad, India.

Website –

9. TopSource Global Solution – India – It is a financial and HR firm founded in 2004 based in India. They specialize in payroll processing, financial accounting, and HR services for both small and medium-sized businesses.

Located in Mumbai, India.

Website –

10. Srisys Inc – It is an IT consulting and software development firm. It has offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, and India. It provides voice/call center services, BPO, and back-office services, and HR consulting and outsourcing to the government and consumer and financial services companies.  

Located in Nacharam Hyderabad, TS, India

Website –

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  • Gujarat State Fertilizers Company (GSFC)
  • Hindustan Construction Company
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  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL)
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  • Indian Petrochemical Corporation Ltd (IPCL)
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