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With the changing times, it is important to keep up with cutting-edge technology. Salahkaar Consultants is known for providing the services and programs that comprise the latest technology and new ideas. We have implemented the HRIT or HRMS in many organizations which have turned out to be successful.
HRIT focuses on the technological (Information Technology) part of Human Resources Solutions and is often an integrated part of IT divisions. Describing and managing the technology related to HR solutions, like databases, interfaces, exchange protocols, hosting on servers, and so on.
Through these systems and software, an HR administrator will save up a lot of time that is spent on these tedious, dull, and mundane tasks, this, in turn, gives them a chance to focus on the main concerns of the HR and Administration.
We have the following modules to offer:
If you wish to run your company successfully by cutting back on hours that are spent on such tedious tasks, please contact us for more detailed information about this.

Contact us today. Click here can help you pick the best software based on your need. Just write back to us and we will get the most suitable one for you along with the best rate for your picked software as many may not be able to get a bulk discount deal that we may propose to you. Write to us here.

Few popular blog posts for your reading:

What is HR Management Software?
HR Software systems include many categories that develop individual or organizational solutions. These tools allow you to manage employee records from a desktop application, web browser, or smartphone application. Some offer you the ability to connect with Applicant Tracking (AT), Benefits Administration, and Performance Management tools, so you can track the progress from the hiring of your employees to retirement.
Advanced HR management skills are readily available to companies of all sizes using statistical software solutions (SAS). These solutions are not cheaper than older on-site solutions. The software is intuitive and easily integrates with other back-office tools such as accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.
When choosing HR Management Software (HRMS), you may want to consider several key factors: Does its user interface (UI) provide a natural experience that does not require a large training load? Does the device connect to your legacy software packages, especially when it comes to data feeds? Can you measure this as your company grows? Will the seller provide the service you need if the software fails at any time? Once you have determined your needs and preferences, you can contact any of these sellers with a wish list. Examine your needs and the solutions that meet your needs. Then choose the one that best suits your price and usage. can help you pick the best software based on your need. Just write back to us and we will get the most suitable one for you along with the best rate for your picked software as many may not be able to get a bulk discount deal that we may propose to you. Write to us here.

#1 – Gusto — Best HR Software For Small Businesses
Gusto is known for its online payment services. This platform has additional HR features that are ideal for startups and small businesses. More than a million small businesses trust Gusto for pay and HR.
The platform is easy to use. Business owners who manage their payroll and HR without a dedicated department can easily navigate through Gusto. Gusto automatically calculates and files local, federal, and state taxes. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Zero, Clover, T-Sheets, and more.
Gusto allows you to manage the health insurance of employees as well. More than 3,500 medical, dental and vision plans are available through Gusto's licensed consultants. 401 (k) Retirement, 529 Savings, Workers' Compensation, HSA, Life and Disability, Passenger Benefits, and more.

#2 – Sage Business Cloud People — Best For Multinational Organizations
Sage offers a wide range of products for businesses. The company's Sage Business Cloud People is an ultrasonic HR solution. It is designed for mid-sized businesses that have a global presence.
Sage makes it easy for employees around the world to manage HR. They allow you to design a single global policy for your entire organization as per all local and national regulations. It does not matter if your employees are situated in Chicago or Singapore – Sage has your back. The platform is ideal for businesses with 200 to 5000 employees.
Small businesses need to look elsewhere for HR needs. Sage is strong enough to measure it as your medium company grows. It has everything you need to attract, and manage your workforce around the world. Compared to other HR services on the market today, the setup for Sage Business Cloud People is a bit more complicated. They advertise that it provides “quick execution” but requires 3 months to set up. If your HR requirements are time-sensitive, this platform may not be for you.

#3 – Namely — Best HR Software for Mid-Sized Companies

This is another full-service HR solution that comes at a great price. Given the 1,400+ businesses, it’s not as popular as some of the other options on our list. However, Namely’s HR solution requires you to manage a mid-sized HR department at one level. You will have access to direct HR advisors, a practice management system, a living handbook, and OSHA logs to manage your HR compliance.
The software is easy to use and employees love it. Accessing pay stubs and requesting leave is just a few clicks away from a web portal or mobile app. Switching to Nimly saves HR units 11 hours a week.
Imagine how much productivity you have in addition to 572 hours per year. The applicant integrates with third-party tools for tracking, e-sign, time and attendance systems, background checks, international payment, and more. If you are already using a tool and can not find it in the list of pre-built integrations, you can build your own via the secure API.

#4 – People HR — Best For Applicant Tracking and Recruitment
People HR Software is known for its applicant tracking and talent recruitment features. But they also offer some great HR essentials: Automates repetitive HR tasks and offers centralized employee information center, vacation planning, and management, timesheets and recordings‌ , etc. Payroll is not built into People HR. However, the software integrates with ADP, Sage Payroll, Ceridian, and Activ Payroll.
ATS (Application Tracking System) is a feature that makes PeopleHR standout. It allows you to attract, identify and store a vast talent pool. Publish open positions, screen for skills, manage your shortlist and send an offer directly through the platform.
There you have it, a curated list of the best software solutions in the market. Go ahead, and take your pick! can help you pick the best software based on your need. Just write back to us and we will get the most suitable one for you along with the best rate for your picked software as many may not be able to get a bulk discount deal that we may propose to you. Write to us here.


Blog 2:


Human resources professionals need tools that serve multiple purposes. For example, software that increases connectivity between employees enhances communication and streamlines administrative tasks. The advancement of technology gives you the room to focus extra time and energy on people and skills. A well-equipped software can save an HR professional a lot of time. Critical duties are handled by the software. An HR software can help streamline the following tasks:

  1. PTO Tracking
  2. Payroll
  3. Online Benefits Administration
  4. Onboarding & Applicant Tracking
  5. Time and Attendance

A human resource information system (HRIS) combines different systems and processes to simplify HR management. Making use of a robust HRIS system means you have additional time to spend planning, and overseeing more specialized tasks. An early investment in the software almost always saves organizations a lot of money and time in the long run. If your organization does not have HRIS yet there are a few different indicators of excellence:

  1. Employee self-service systems (ESS) are online tools that allow employees to view, and edit personal information. Your employees can solve small day-to-day problems without any HR assistance. The problem could be as simple as an employee wanting to know what benefits they are eligible for the year.
  2. Single point of data entry – HRIS platforms remember specific inputs, of data and automatically populate all fields using that data. For example, by uploading a CV, the personal information and other demographic details are filled in by the software.
  3. Centralized data and documentation – Good HR software will organize employee data and keep it all in one place.
  4. Comprehensive tools – HRIS platforms are equipped with reporting tools that eliminate many transactional administrative tasks.
  5. User experience(UX) – An intuitive UX means you can prepare for benefits administration without unnecessary hurdles, and without making the process complicated for the employees.
  6. Dedicated support – Look for a software provider that provides full-service implementation and ongoing support in case problems arise.

An HRIS platform is a great starting point when considering HR software solutions but other options can further aid in administration, they are: can help you pick the best software based on your need. Just write back to us and we will get the most suitable one for you along with the best rate for your picked software as many may not be able to get a bulk discount deal that we may propose to you. Write to us here.

1) Zoho desk

ZohoDesk is a customer service software that helps organize and address any email that arrives in the general HR inbox. The platform’s reporting features help get a better understanding of the response time to applicants. As well as, the types of employee requests coming in.


A good tool includes applicant tracking software (ATS). Bernie portal, for example, the ATS is part of the HRIS platform and also integrated with job boards like Indeed. A performance management software helps track the growth and development goals of an employee. A remote monitoring software can help your work from home team remain compliant and perform well.


Zoho can be integrated with Workplace by Facebook, and Slack making it easier to communicate with employees, especially during extended periods of remote work.


2)  DeskTime

DeskTime is an easy-to-use tracking app that combines three key elements – staff monitoring, project management, and product analysis. Additionally, this job tracking software is designed to help managers and their teams identify their non-productive practices. This is done by sorting web pages and applications into “Productive” and “Non-Productive”.


DeskTime aids in time tracking and automatically calculates your daily productivity and efficiency according to your classification of URLs, programs, and applications. That means – the more time you spend on productive programs, the more your daily productivity increases.

Of course, the productive or non-productive URLs depend on the location of each user. DeskTime helps create workgroups and manage individual performance for each team. For example, you can set up a workgroup for the marketing team alone, to strategize on using Facebook for the organization.


3) ProofHub

Proofhub is a time tracking software with online project management and powerful collaboration features. The software has a simple interface making it easy for teams to navigate onboard.


You will get an automatic timer to start tracking every billing hour as soon as you start working on the task. The good thing about ProofHub is that you can also do manual time entries. Time data is stored in timesheets, which you can use for invoice purposes.


Time reports in ProofHub allow you to keep track of personal productivity. It integrates with third-party applications like Freshbooks to simplify the billing and invoicing process. Advanced features such as line proofing, file sharing, group chat, custom workflow, and canon boards, note-taking are part of Proofhub.


4) Hours

Hours is an app with basic time tracking features – most suitable for people who want to keep things simple. It is available as a mobile app. Hours allows you to keep an active rating list and switch quickly between your tasks.


At hours, you can manage your tasks and projects by color-coding them. That is, by using a specific color for a project, you can easily distinguish between multiple projects. Also, the app lets you make quick changes to your recorded timestamps at any time. For example, if you started work at 10:00, but forgot to change the timer until 10:15, you can adjust it by simply dragging the start time to 10:00.


5) Timecamp

Timecamp is a cloud-based time tracking solution. The work time can be easily tracked by timers, and automatically by the desktop application.

The application enables project managers to collaborate, track billing work hours, and monitor project status. It allows automated employee payroll creation and sending invoices to customers.


Besides, it is an employee productivity monitoring software where you can visualize employees’ productivity across the organization. Timecamp offers more than 50 integrations with project management software (ASNA, Basic amp) and helpdesk applications (Zendesk). This way, you can easily sync and import created tasks and tickets to the timestamp, and start tracking time right away.


Ask yourself “How can I make my role more valuable?” Software solutions can be the answer. Not only will the software streamline more basic but necessary human resources tasks, also make your role more strategic by freeing up your time, to make a difference in the organization.


Blog 3:

6 Best Employee Engagement Softwares:


80% of senior business leaders recognize that employee engagement is crucial in achieving their goals. Companies with the most engaged employees are 21 percent more profitable and 20 percent more productive. However, according to a recent study, only 19 percent of employees are “over-involved”, and 83 percent of HR leaders believe all decisions should be data-based, with only 37 percent using data for this purpose. Start communicating with your employees and turn to data statistics by using the right employee engagement software.


Employee interaction software helps businesses increase employee engagement while improving employee engagement and customer experience. Employee engagement solutions are often software-in-service (SASS) platforms that are selected by HR departments and implemented under HR guidance – managers, IT, C-Suite, and other members of the organization.


Here are the 6 best employee engagement software platforms that can  impact on your organization:


1. 15 Five:

15Five is a continuous performance management solution that leads to employee growth and development but also allows people to become the best they can be. Through strategic check-ins, it provides a total of 15 solutions needed to maintain visibility and impact staff performance, including consistent feedback, objective tracking, identification, 1-on-1, 360 reviews, and a revolutionary new type of engagement survey. Thousands of forward-thinking companies, including Credit Karma, WPEngine, and Hubspot, use this solution to bring out the best in their people.


2. Reward Gateway

Companies that want to increase employee retention should look at the Rewards Gateway Engagement Solution (which also appears on our Rewards page). Their product offers employee communications, peer-to-peer recognition, automated awards, and more.


3. Kazoo

Kazoo’s employee engagement solutions, remuneration, and performance management all come together on one platform. This three-sided approach allows groups of people to use the seller to share data indefinitely across three modules.


4. Eloomi Review

Eloomi’s Employee Engagement Tool provides a simple survey to capture employee feedback through multiple choice and sliding scale questions. Feedback may come in the form of anonymous or anonymous answers from employees.

Integrating their LMS with engagement allows you to automatically send surveys related to certain learning modules. For example, you may have a module that explains the group’s OKRs about your company’s New Year’s strategy. You can send an engagement survey right away to make sure employees understand where you agree with the company.


5. Ascentis

Ascentis the complete suite of HR software that includes time and attendance, payroll, HR, benefits, capabilities, and assigning everyone on a single platform. Focusing on all of these HR-related activities can help automate employee data tracking and ensure accuracy throughout the entire system. 

Ascentis is also customizable, meaning that HR professionals can develop software tailored to their organization’s needs. Ascentis can be used to keep employees safe while adjusting to the new normal level.


6. Igloo Software

Igloo Software is a leading provider of digital office solutions beyond the traditional intranet. It allows companies to transform into digital offices, foster an employee-centric culture, create a more productive and engaged workforce and bring employees and resources together.

There are a number of pre-built solutions in igloo software that allow HRs to configure their intranet without IG assistance. In addition, igloo software constantly crosses boundaries, proving and measuring your intranet in the future. By integrating cutting-edge igloo software technology with platforms such as Achievers, companies can stay ahead of the curve and continue to create an exceptional digital employee experience.


Blog 4: Click here


  • ABC Bearing Ltd.
  • AC Nielson ORG-MARG
  • Action India
  • Alembic Chemicals Ltd.
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Arthur Anderson Consulting
  • ABB
  • Astrazenica Ltd.
  • B. T. A. Cellular Ltd.
  • B. E. S. & T Ltd.
  • Bank of Baroda Staff College
  • Baroda Management
  • Batliboi Ltd.
  • Bax Global India Ltd.
  • Berger Paints (I) Ltd.
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL)
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Birla Copper Ltd.
  • Blue Star Ltd.
  • BSES Management Institute
  • Cerebus Consultants
  • CR Seals India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Daimler Chrysler India Pvt. Ltd.
  • E. I. DuPont India Ltd.
  • Enercon India Ltd.
  • FAG Precision Bearings Ltd.
  • Fritolay India Ltd.
  • Globe Span India Ltd.
  • Godrej Industries Ltd.
  • Gujarat Alkali and Chemical Ltd (GACL)
  • Gujarat Communication and Electronic Ltd.
  • Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB)
  • Gujarat State Fertilizers Company (GSFC)
  • Hindustan Construction Company
  • Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
  • HPCL Vikas Refinery (HPCL)
  • Hikal Ltd.
  • IDBI Bank
  • Idea Cellular Ltd.
  • Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Ltd (IFFCO)
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL)
  • Indian Oil Tanking Ltd (IOTL)
  • Indian Petrochemical Corporation Ltd (IPCL)
  • Indo- Burma Petroleum Ltd (IBP)
  • Indo-Gulf Corporation
  • Institute of Human Capital (IHC)
  • Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • IT Preneurs, Jyoti Ltd.
  • JMDI Ltd.
  • Johnson and Johnson Ltd.
  • Kamala Dials Ltd.
  • Kanoria Chemicals and Industries Ltd.,
  • Keane India Ltd.
  • Kenstar WZ
  • Krishak Bharti Cooperative Ltd (KRIBHCO)
  • Kuoni Travel (I) Ltd.
  • Lakhanpal National Ltd.
  • Larson and Toubro Ltd.
  • Ma Foi Management Consultants Limited
  • MAJAN College
  • MICO India Ltd.
  • MIEL e-security Ltd.
  • NDDB Ltd.
  • Nilaka Consultants Ltd.
  • Oil and Natural Gas Commission Ltd. (ONGC)
  • OMAN
  • Reliance Industries Ltd. (The Biotech Division)
  • Reliance Petroleum Ltd.
  • Sarabhai Chemicals Ltd.
  • SIES College
  • SPANCO Telesystems and Solutions Ltd.
  • Spectronet Ltd.
  • SPG Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Star Electronics Ltd.
  • Sulzer India Ltd.
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  • Tata Atlas India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tata Management Training Center (TMTC)
  • TVS & Sons Ltd.
  • Wartsila India Ltd.
  • Welspun India Ltd.
  • Yahama Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Zydus Cadila Health Care Ltd.

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