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HRIS – HCM (Human Capital Management)

HRIS HCM is a highly affordable, web-based software solution that offers a wide range of features including employee self service (ESS). It is a mature, evolved solution with a wide installed base that delivers excellent value and productivity to your HR department.


Attendance software enables you to accurately track the time worked by employees. It collates information from various sources like swipe systems, leaves records, holiday calendars, shift rosters, etc. to provide you with an integrated view of employee attendance. Extensive MIS reports are available at both summary and detailed levels.

Performance Management / KRA / KPI / To-Do List

We automate the entire Performance Management System (PMS) for employees along with managing KRA / KPI, Job Descriptions, and To-Do Lists.


Folklore Payroll is fast, accurate and complete payroll software that delivers all that you expect of payroll software and some unique features not found elsewhere. Easily manage all aspects of employee compensation including reimbursements, loans, arrears, bonus payments, final settlement, etc. using Folklore Payroll.

Web based Employee Self Service (ESS) lets you publish payroll information to your employees, initiate workflows, submit IT declarations online, and perform what-if analysis and much more.


Folklore Training is a web based training management software that automates the entire training management process. Employee self service facility lets employees enroll for courses, managers nominate team members for course, course feedback, etc.

Assessment Centre, Competency Mapping & Psychometric Testing

We can automate your Assessment Centre, Competency Mapping and Psychometric Testing exercise using online systems.


Resume (Application) Tracking System

Have you heard of any software that can search different job boards like,, at the same time and tell you where is duplicate? Here is one for you and we bet this is best seen Application Tracking System (ATS) / Resume Tracking System (RTS) in the market.

Partnering with world’s best ATS, provide easy to use, innovative, web-based on-demand Talent Management Solution based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Our solution is powered by several patent-pending technologies. Companies gain substantial benefits from unparalleled productivity, faster job closures and overall reductions in the cost-per-hire.

In short, the Talent Management Solution provides the companies the following benefits:

Smart and expedited hiring

Increased recruitment team productivity

Reduced recruitment cost

Increased sales and placements

Low-cost SaaS solution accessible from anywhere, anytime

How are different than other ATS?

Ability to search Naukri, MonsterIndia and your Talentnow private database at the same time with results displayed in a convenient Microsoft Outlook style user interface.

A cache of all candidate profiles viewed on your system over a period of time is automatically built enabling you to reuse the same as and when needed.

Ability to create local folders and store candidate profiles in those folders.

Ability to import candidates from Naukri or MonsterIndia straight into Talentnow. Better still, you can set candidate status against a job right at the time of import.

Ability to easily identify the duplicates, both within the portal as well as across the portal and deal with them appropriately.

Ability to conveniently store all your portal accounts in one place and let the search engine use the one appropriate at the time of search execution.

A convenient tooltip displaying all the candidate summary fields from the search results listing for each candidate profile listed to help you decide whether you actually wish to log a detailed page view on the source portal or not.

Ability to see complete profile details for all Talentnow candidates neatly produced as a set of tabs and in addition to set status, add note or schedule and interview right from within the product.

Ability to download original candidate resumes whenever necessary.

Blog Post:

5 Best Recruitment Software:

What is recruitment software?

Recruitment software is a division of human resource management (HRM) that manages the process of posting vacancies in an organization and attracting the best talent. From posting jobs to reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, it streamlines the entire recruitment process, automating whenever possible to reduce workload. The software makes it easy for companies to hire employees, skip the paperwork by providing robust resumes and candidate search tools.

Almost all HR software vendors offer recruiting features, so choosing the best recruiting system can be a daunting task. To help you make the right purchase the following guide lists the best recruitment software vendors and their features. As well as what to look for in a company, agency, and SMB (small business) in terms of recruitment tools.

Guide to the best Recruitment Software: can help you pick the best software based on your need. Just write back to us and we will get the most suitable one for you along with the best rate for your picked software as many may not be able to get a bulk discount deal that we may propose to you. Write to us here.

  1. Zoho Recruit:

Zoho, which claims to be all-in-one recruitment software, addresses all aspects of recruitment. Be it job descriptions or interviews to be scheduled.  Zoho mainly assists corporate HR activities, staff agencies, and recruitment agencies.

Zoho Recruit solves all aspects of recruitment. From job requests, interview schedules, or finding the right candidates. It facilitates background screening, a self-service portal, reference checks, and an email parsing tool. The email parser helps extract and sync data from emails. Zoho automates sending emails, updating the interview status, and keeping the candidates informed regarding the status of their application.

Seamless integrations, multi-channel communication, and innovative analytics make Zoho appointments one of the best-recruiting tools out there.

  1. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR, one of the most popular recruitment and performance management tools, is next on our list. Bamboo’s recruitment software mainly helps small and medium businesses streamline their recruitment processes.

The software has an organized applicant tracking system. Bamboo HR encourages collaboration with the team throughout the recruitment process to identify the right candidate for your organization. The applicants tracking system offers a suite of custom offer letter templates, automated mailing systems, preboarding, and onboarding tools.

Bamboo HR is a good tool to take into account its insights, powerful analysis, and excellent features. It offers a free trial to experience the features first hand!

  1. SAP Success Factors

Manage the hiring process and acquire the best candidate for your organization with the help of SAP’s success components. SAP SuccessFactors is the best software in the market with support features like Global Talent Sourcing, Candidate Relationship Management, Comprehensive Application Management, and Onboarding Portal.

A fully integrated Human Capital Management solution with reliable features, intelligent analytical reporting, and progress tracking features will be an all-encompassing recruitment software for your organization. SAP offers streamlined and automated HR document generation, payroll processing, and a variety of tools across talent management, core HR, and workforce planning.

  1. Lever

Lever is a recruitment platform with over 2,500 clients worldwide. Some of its clients include Netflix, Hot Topic, and KPMG New Zealand. Lever integrates a robust applicant tracking system and CRM functionality to provide effective services for finding and recruiting new talent. Manage the entire recruitment process using this single platform.

View candidate profiles in one place, and schedule interviews effortlessly. Lever’s stand-out features include assessments, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, a self-service portal, and resume parsing.

Lever incorporates data analytics via custom dashboards, diversity insights, and interactive visualizations.

  1. Oracle Taleo

Taleo is a cloud-based recruitment software acquired by Oracle. Taleo focuses primarily on large and medium-sized businesses regardless of the industry. Talent management software helps clients acquire skills through strategic and engaging recruitment processes. Taleo displays candidate tracking, interview scheduling, onboarding, resume parsing, compensation management, inheritance planning, and goal setting.

Taleo offers three types of software, a business edition, enterprise edition, and a business edition talent management.

The best feature of the Taleo is the performance management solution that is integrated with desktop productivity tools. It is committed to enhancing the hiring process by providing retention data, and strategic hiring choices. can help you pick the best software based on your need. Just write back to us and we will get the most suitable one for you along with the best rate for your picked software as many may not be able to get a bulk discount deal that we may propose to you. Write to us here.


Another Blog By Our Writer, Sanya Tyagi


People Management Software consists of suitable tools that are required to keep track and manage the human capital of the organization. This software is also referred to as Human Capital Management Software or Performance Management software. Such software is a convenient and smart way to manage talent in the organization without any hassle of manual work. Companies can optimize their work and productivity by using such software applications. With so many organizations liking the idea of using HCM software, there’s a proliferation of such applications in the market and it becomes important to choose the right one and from the right vendor, so even after the installation, there are no complaints or problems faced by the company as such.

Here’s a guide to choosing the most suitable software with the right factors for your organization.




Each organization has different requirements from the software, however, there are certain features that most organizations can benefit themselves with:


  1. Set and Track Goals

Employees can increase their productivity and improve their performance if they have vivid goals along with the right strategy to complete those goals. So software that can facilitate goal setting and accomplishing the same will be helpful for your organization. In addition to this, the software should also be flexible enough to let you design a process that suits your respective companies.


  1. Regular Performance Reviews

Regular evaluations and reviews allow the employees to work with a progressive mindset and promote transparency and growth. If there are irregular and inconvenient reviews then employees will not be serious about such checkups and evaluations and take them casually. Good People Management Software should enable timely reviews for improvement and success.


  1. Peer reports and Direct reports

An HCM software should collect reports not only from the manager but also from the employees. When the employees will get to know about the feedback from peers’ perspectives, it will be more beneficial. The best people management software will allow your organization to combine direct reports from managers and feedback from the employees and provide a comprehensive image of the performance.


  1. Easy Access to real-time data

Real-time data reporting is easily accessible. In addition to digitizing the way you manage talent in your organization, you will be able to generate, store, and use valuable data. So that you can strategize effectively for the future, choose a people management solution that makes it easy to access and utilize the wealth of data you collect.


  1. Accurate performance reviews.

Employees should trust the feedback they get, and management should have a clear picture of employees’ performances based on performance reviews that are as objective and fair as possible. To help keep performance evaluations fair and gain deeper insights into performance across an organization, your people management platform should offer accurate reporting tools.





  • . Take into account how your approach to people management differs from others.
  • . Keeping these differences in mind can help guide your search and narrow down your options. You may be able to make a big difference with a seemingly small detail if it makes one platform a better fit for your organization than another.
  • . There’s no need to settle for an HCM software solution that doesn’t quite meet your needs thanks to the variety of options available.
  • . The best fit is when you choose a solution that is personalized to your needs and preferences. You should not settle for a one-size-fits-all platform. Instead, opt for people management software that offers the flexibility you need to truly optimize your company’s user experience and functionality.











While looking for a vendor, make sure:


  • As an organization finding the right HCM software, you need to take the time to look into a vendor’s customer reviews. Get feedback from customers or ask them for testimonials about their experience working with that vendor.


  • Some vendors only care about selling you their products. You are being sold a software solution, then left to your own devices. To assist in the deployment of software, look for a vendor with strong customer support and answering questions, and assist with needs as they arise.


  • Vendors may offer consulting services during your purchase and implementation processes. Consider working with a vendor who wants to learn about your company and your needs and can help you determine the right software solution or features for you.


  • Try to collaborate with such a vendor that knows the most effective and new methods that will support the talent in the organization. Along with this, the vendor should also offer management tools that will facilitate these methods.


  • It will be an added advantage if the vendor has expertise in your industry or has worked with other organizations that have similar operations just like yours. This experience and familiarity will help in bringing relevant suggestions and solutions that fit your specific needs.



This is a list of the best recruitment software on the market. Cognitive overload? You still need to find the right tool for your company. Here is what you can do, compare the characteristics of the recruiting tools listed with your organization’s goals. You will find the best software in no time. With the right recruitment software, the organization can be unstoppable!

Blog by Manish Kumar Yadav

Compare The Best Recruiting Software


Want to jump straight to the answer? The high-quality recruiting software for maximum human beings is Breezy HR or Workable.

Recruiting software is the current manner to supply and lease top-stage expertise. These tools assist hiring managers, HR teams, and staffing corporations streamline recruiting. 

Whether you’re a small commercial enterprise that hires a handful of employees consistent with 12 months, a large organization that hires dozens of applicants at scale or a recruiting employer that fits qualified candidates with numerous agencies, recruiting software is vital.

The Top 8 Best Recruiting Software

  • Breezy HR –  It is Best for unlimited job listings
  • Workable – It is good for  overall recruiting software at scale
  • Bullhorn – It is better for recruiting software for agencies
  • Greenhouse – It is important for  recruiting software for enterprises
  • Recruiter flow – it helps to complete recruiting CRM for agencies
  • Recooty – Best recruiting software for small business
  • Jazz HR – Best for applicant tracking software (ATS)
  • Teamtailor – Best recruiting software for employer branding

Continue below for our in-intensity evaluations on the top 8 recruiting gear on the market today. You’ll analyze extra approximately the features, advantages, costs, and how to find the first-rate recruiting software program for your particular needs.

Breezy HR – best for unlimited job listings 

Breezy HR is a quit-to-quit recruiting solution. The software is designed to help you entice and lease pinnacle-stage talent inside the greenest way viable.

Thousands of businesses rely on Breezy HR to meet their recruitment needs

With Breezy HR, you’ll benefit from functions and functionality like:

  • Custom hiring pipelines
  • Automated scheduling, messaging, and candidate screening
  • Team collaboration gear
  • Built-in scheduling hyperlinks
  • Email and SMS scheduling gear
  • Advanced candidate sourcing
  • Employer branded career web page
  • Reporting and analytics
  • GDPR, EEOC, and OFCCP compliance

The call “Breezy HR” is a chunk deceiving. It’s no longer sincerely an all-in-one HR tool, meaning you won’t be using it to control your candidates once they’ve been onboarded.

Pricing for Breezy HR starts at $143 consistent with the month, with an annual agreement. Month-to-month rates are to be had, but you’ll get two months unfastened if you subscribe for 12 months. All paid plans include unlimited positions and unlimited candidate pools.

Breezy HR has a loose plan for one active role. So in case you’re not hiring frequently or you need to test the software program out earlier than committing, you’ll be able to achieve this. Try Breezy HR totally free.


Good for overall recruiting software at scale

Workable is one of the fine recruiting software alternatives on the market nowadays. It has the precise ability to house agencies that rent occasionally, in addition to agencies that lease candidates at scale.

More than 20,000 organizations agree with Workable for recruitment. The platform has screened 85+ million applicants and facilitated 1.Three+ million hires given that launching in 2012.

The software has everything you need to control the complete existence cycle of recruitment. From the preliminary open function to comparing the pleasant feasible candidates and onboarding them, Workable has it all. Workable also automation gear. It’s clean to automate certain strategies and guide tasks, inclusive of scheduling interviews or sending offer letters.

Bullhorn – It is better for recruiting software for agencies

Bullhorn is our pinnacle choice for staffing companies. If you’ve got a recruiting company that assets candidates for unique businesses, this software can be a satisfactory choice for you and your team.

In addition to applicant monitoring, Bullhorn additionally has a built-in CRM, which allows you to control and win greater customers in a single area. You’ll additionally be able to tune time, ship invoices, control payments, and monitor your gross margins at once within Bullhorn.

The software program is constructed to scale. You’ll be capable of growing your activity orders even concurrently decreasing the time-to-fill. Once you’ve found the pleasant applicants for your clients, you could seamlessly manipulate the onboarding system for brand spanking new hires.


Bullhorn offers superior reporting as nicely. You can create any kind of file a good way to give you greater perception and visibility into the modern condition of your staffing company.

Other top features of Bullhorn encompass:

  • Job management and publishing
  • Resume parsing
  • Email integration
  • Custom workflows
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Lead monitoring
  • Pipeline control
  • Interview management

Pricing isn’t always available online. But Bullhorn does have a couple of plans to deal with small groups, organization corporations, and the whole thing in among. Request an unfastened quote to examine extra.


Greenhouse – It is important for recruiting software for enterprises

The greenhouse is a recruiting answer for organizations and SMEs. The software program goes past primary applicant tracking and allows large organizations to manage the whole hiring method at scale.

With Greenhouse, you’ll be capable of classifying and nurturing skills in a fully incorporated CRM database to filter precisely what you want. Collaborate with hiring teams, empower enterprise stakeholders, and song candidate relationships.

The greenhouse is ideal for corporations that need to ensure honest and equitable hiring, without bias. You can create a scorecard with key attributes for each candidate, so every person is evaluated consistently. Connect with candidates through professional pages, custom electronic mail templates, and meaningful interviews. You can automate surveys and manage 30+ reviews to monitor efficiencies. Greenhouse integrates with over three hundred 1/3-party programs. The software program is designed to scale with state-of-the-art global corporations.

In addition to recruiting, Greenhouse also has onboarding equipment. Some of those features and advantages encompass:


  • Personalized welcome revel in
  • Company sources
  • Automated administrative duties
  • New rent comments
  • Onboarding overall performance critiques

Overall, Greenhouse has the entirety of a big organization desires to recruit and onboard at scale. It’s made for in-house usage, in place of staffing companies. Like most organization software programs, pricing for Greenhouse isn’t available online. You’ll need to request a demo to get a custom quote.


Recruiter flow – it helps to complete recruiting CRM for agencies


Recruiter flow is some other top company tool. It’s a first-rate alternative for staffing firms or even person recruiters.

The software program is basically a one-stop-store for all of your recruiting and client control wishes. It has a built-in recruiting CRM to help you land greater clients and control one’s relationships.

If you need a feature-wealthy software program that’s clean to use, look no further than Recruiter flow.

  • Increasing sourcing performance
  • Automate recurring obligations
  • Pipeline management tools
  • Calendar and email syncing
  • Visual reporting

All candidate facts can be controlled directly out of your inbox. Simply drag and drop documents to candidate profiles to feature statistics. The context of each communiqué will continually be at your fingertips. There are two Recruiter flow plans—Growth and Enterprise. These begin at $69 and $99 according to the user per month, respectively.

It’s well worth noting that Recruiter flow isn’t always solely designed for businesses. The software program does have enterprise-unique equipment, beginning at $99 per month. But the business enterprise CRM is clearly Recruiter flow’s satisfactory feature. Try Recruiter flow free for 14 days.

Recooty – Best recruiting software for small business

Recooty is arguably the only recruiting tool in the marketplace today. Even if it’s your first time the usage of recruiting software, it’s smooth for all people to apply. That’s in all likelihood why it’s this sort of famous preference for small groups.


Four,000+ companies consider Recooty for hiring and applicant monitoring. The software enables you to post open task listings on 20+ famous process forums, like Career Jet and Zip Recruiter.

With Recooty, your commercial enterprise can appeal to top-degree skills using a superbly designed profession web page together with your corporation branding.Recooty recruiting software instance.

Use the software to review programs, schedule interviews, and manage your whole hiring process with a visual pipeline.

Here’s a quick assessment of the Recooty plans and fee factors:

  • Basic — $zero
  • Pro — $29 in keeping with month
  • Ultra — $ forty-nine consistent with user consistent with month

For up to three active jobs, you may use Recooty without spending a dime. The Pro plan is designed for single customers, and the Ultra tier is made for groups. Those plans help up to 10 and 25 lively jobs, respectively. Save 20% to your Recooty plan with an annual subscription. Try it free for 15 days.


Jazz HR – Best for applicant tracking software (ATS)

The phrases “recruiting software program” and “applicant tracking software program (ATS)” are frequently used interchangeably. While the two go hand-in-hand, they aren’t an equal issue.

In brief, recruiting software finds applicants. An ATS movements the applicant through the manner of applying for an activity. So if you’re seeking out an entire applicant tracking device, JazzHR might be your satisfactory wager.

As the name implies, this tool is perfect for in-house HR teams. In addition to the ATS software program, pinnacle features and blessings of JazzHR include:

  • Employer branding gear
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Collaborative hiring with groups
  • Offer letters
  • E-sign
  • Automated onboarding
  • Compliance equipment
  • Data-pushed reporting

Unlike different recruiting software programs, JazzHR doesn’t price you on a consistent with-person basis. Every plan comes with unlimited customers.

  • Hero — $39 according to month
  • Plus — $219 in step with month
  • Pro — $329 in step with month

The Hero package deal limits you to simply three energetic process listings. Both higher-tier plans provide limitless open jobs. You can attempt JazzHR free for 21 days earlier than committing; no credit card is required.

Teamtailor – Best recruiting software for employer branding

Lots of the gear on our listing offer some shape of branding tools to attract candidates. But Teamtailor takes this recruiting software program function to the next stage.

They are the handiest recruiting device and ATS software that focuses on employer branding—as a minimum the best one which I’d advocate.

More than 2,500 groups and one hundred + customers accept as true with Teamtailor. The software contains small groups to mid-marketplace organizations and the whole thing in between.

Use Teamtailor for functions like:

  • Career websites
  • Campaign pages
  • Lead pages
  • Blogging
  • Candidate chat
  • Social media outreach
  • Job board postings
  • Team collaboration gear

The software program is designed to ease out the candidate revel in at the same time as allowing you to manipulate a couple of hiring methods through exact analytics.

Teamtailor is straightforward to apply, with no technical expertise required.

While the Teamtailor pricing is not available online, you’ll get all the features and unlimited customers along with your subscription. Rates are based totally on your hiring needs and corporation size. So contact the sales team to request a quote. Try Teamtailor lose for 14 days.

The Top Recruiting Software in Summary

Breezy HR and Workable are excellent recruiting software program options in the marketplace today. If you have a staffing and recruitment agency, try Bullhorn or Recruiter flow rather.

JazzHR has the pinnacle common ATS (applicant monitoring software program). Enterprises and SMEs have to use Greenhouse. Small groups could be better off with Recooty.  If you need to prioritize a stunning career web page and organization branding equipment, use Teamtailor.

Another blog by our writer Manish Kumar Yadav

Compare the best time in attendance system

if you want to jump straight to the answer ? the best time and attendance system for most people are on the clock and rippling .attendance and time system eats to keep track of employee hours and manage the hard task for every business with the workforce. the best time and attendance system are simple to implement and manage. your employees are compensated appropriately for India work and your payroll bottleneck is eliminated. 

The 8 best times in attendance system of 2021

Rippling. IT is best for running payroll in two minutes or less.

On the clocks. it is best for businesses with a regular service call.

Quick Books Time. it is good for remote workers and quick books integration.

Time clock Plus. IT is good for large businesses.

UKG (formerly). best for mid-size businesses and small.

U attended. it is generally for small businesses

solve time. it is better for growing businesses.


Best Time and Attendance Systems Reviews 

a time and attendance solution that integrates with it seamlessly. Otherwise, you’ll get annoyed with manual facts access or messy or incomplete uploading from it slow monitoring device.

But what if you’re questioning, “Well, I could use better payroll software program too

Rippling homepage

With it you get among the finest time monitoring software this is constructed to streamline your workload and automate ordinary moves. It’s exceptionally smooth to set up computerized workflows (say, for a easy instance, if an employee works over eight hours and incurs an beyond regular time fee) and personalize them with simple-to-study triggers and common sense.

But what actually grabs you is how a good deal less difficult Rippling’s time and attendance system makes walking your payroll.

With the clever technology in the back of the platform, you could run your payroll in as little as ninety seconds. With no importing/exporting of spreadsheets or .Csv files, Rippling ports the hours logged over to its payroll module and takes it from there.

It smartly elements in deductions, taxes, variable pay prices, and more. All that’s left as a way to do is assessment and approve and, voila, payroll is sorted.

OnTheClock — Best for Businesses with Regular Service Calls

A carrier enterprise has a much wider variety of needs from time and attendance monitoring software than maximum others.

We’re talking approximately agencies like a production operation, an IT corporation, an insurance employer, or anything else where you’re dispatching personnel constantly at some point of the day. If that’s you, you’re going to locate the features you need in OnTheClock.

Whereas many different time tracking answers allow for GPS tagging on clock-ins, few come up with full visibility into in which your techs or reps are in real-time and where they’ve been all through the workday.

On The Clock’s GPS time clock permits your employees to check in on their very own cell tool or an approved device upon arriving and leaving each activity website online. But it’s the actual-time GPS tracking that goes the more mile (without overstepping into invading employee privacy). In the OnTheClock interface, you may see at a glance who’s in which they’re alleged to be and who isn’t.

And, with the breadcrumb function, you may additionally see if employees are sticking to their time table and staying on the job website once they’re supposed to.

You can also set up geofencing to ensure personnel only clock in once they’re certainly gift at the location and drop pins for punch-in spots for when jobs are more far flung or in among websites.

Plus, with custom-set employee roles, you can make it less difficult to replace between jobs without clocking out on your crew members who put on many hats when out within the subject.

Beyond the ones key capabilities for organisation that frequently ship employees out into the sector, which includes automatic PTO and beyond regular time tracking, employee requests in the platform and app, scheduling, and task cost and invoicing help.

OnTheClock also integrates quite with all the massive payroll structures obtainable, such as ADP, Quick books, Gusto, Paychex, and greater.

Pricing is wonderfully truthful. With no touch, no obstacles on capabilities, and no base month-to-month price, you simply pay for the wide variety of personnel you’ve got as lively customers on OnTheClock.

QuickBooks Time (previously TSheets) ranked high on our list of the high-quality worker scheduling software. So it’s no wonder to look them on the pinnacle of this manual.

TSheets changed into famous for the way nicely it helped hold track of workers within the area and on jobsites, and QB Time has stored all those helpful capabilities.

Your personnel clock-in from anywhere the usage of the cellular timesheet app. The app will track time even if WiFi and mobile service is unavailable.

You can leverage geofencing generation to draw a virtual radius around your enterprise or task web page. This allows you to make sure your personnel are in which they need to be to get the activity done.

 Best for Remote Workers and QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Time multiple structures demo page.

As I’ve already alluded to, the employee scheduling functions are awesome as properly. This is an added bonus that comes standard together with your time and attendance device.

For the ones of you who want an extra traditional time clock machine, in which your group of workers and clock in and clock out on the identical device, you may use the Clock Kiosk. The kiosk works on any pill or pc with a connection to the Internet.

Each worker has a unique 4-digit pin. The machine also has a biometric facial recognition tool to save you the “pal punching” device.

Best for Large Businesses and Secured Access Control

TimeClock Plus gives you remarkable time monitoring solutions at a low-cost price.

Their hardware is top of the line. You can rest clean knowing their functions and tools are up to snuff.

Depending on your enterprise kind, TimeClock Plus has an extensive range of time clocks to be able to bear in mind:

Barcode clocks — Employees experiment their badges to clock in and out

Biometric clocks — Fingerprint scanners and hand scanners

Magnetic swipe clocks — Can be used with pre-existing magstripe cards

PIN access clocks — Employees clock in and out the use of their specific PINs

Proximity clocks — To make certain most pace and efficiency

Web clock — For on line time retaining

In addition to the use of advanced gadget for tracking time and attendance, Time Clock Plus doubles as a protection feature. You’ll have the option to configure choose device with your door locks to save you unauthorized get entry to to homes, rooms, or some other entrance with a locked door.

TimeClockPlus attendance and time statistics display screen.

This kind of system is nice for large agencies with complicated safety desires. Most small commercial enterprise owners won’t need personnel to test a fingerprint to go into rooms at some point of the constructing.

It has built-in absence management equipment and integrates with your employee scheduling software as properly. Alternatively, you could use the TimeClock Plus team of workers scheduling machine in case you don’t have one already.

TimeClock Plus has more than 30 years of revel in providing services to businesses. They offer top of the road system for whenever and attendance device.

While those time clocks would possibly sound complex, TimeClock Plus makes the technique clean for you.

You’ll have a session with an marketing consultant to find the high-quality answer in your business. They’ll set up the device for you and even teach your supervisors and personnel on a way to use it.

As a completely-custom designed solution, there are no expenses to be had on line. Although you can expect to pay pinnacle dollar for advanced gadget like biometrics that syncs with your protection device.

How to Choose the Best Time and Attendance System For Your Business

Now the first-rate part: it’s time to pick an excellent time and attendance device.

Not sure the way to pick out? Don’t fear. Just comply with our technique to slender down your options.

This is the identical rubric we used whilst determining this listing. I’ll describe the capabilities which you want to look out for at the same time as you’re browsing.


The very first element you need to do is decide if you want bodily hardware related to a while and attendance system.

For those of you who’re already using punch cards, a current time clock is a viable replacement. I’d propose this for groups wherein the bulk of employees work on-web site at the identical area. Punching inside and outside as they enter and exit makes the maximum sense.

For those of you with smaller teams or plenty of faraway or mobile workers, hardware gained’t be vital. You can find a time monitoring system with a cell app for dealing with everything on the go. There are also internet-based totally solutions that don’t require hardware both.

Punch Method

The punch method will obviously depend upon in case you’re the usage of hardware or not. But there are nonetheless variations with or without physical equipment.

For example, cellular app punching can be controlled using geofencing technology. Your workforce will handiest be capable of clock in in the event that they input the designed location for a process website.

When it involves in-individual clock-fine details, there are time clocks that work with PINs, RFID playing cards, fingerprints, hand prints, facial recognition, and greater.

A small espresso keep probably gained’t want facial recognition or other biometrics as the punch technique, however a complicated commercial enterprise with superior security desires could gain from this selection.


Your new time and attendance device ought to do greater than just track time. It need to integrate with other equipment that you’re using to minimize guide administrative obligations.

Look for an answer that integrates together with your employee scheduling software program or payroll gadget. Some of the alternatives on our list have these capabilities built-in.

Business Size

A startup team of 4 and mid-market agencies with 2 hundred employees will no longer have the same time and attendance wishes. It’s important to discover a solution that works well for the scale of your organisation.

Lots have to be considered here. Some structures price you based totally on the scale of your team of workers. You may want to even incur additional expenses for such things as key FOBs and ID cards.

If you presently have a smaller business now, make sure you select a system which could scale with you as your enterprise grows. That way, you gained’t need to switch systems as you rent extra personnel or open up new places.

The Top Time and Attendance Systems in Summary

Rippling, OnTheClock, and QuickBooks Time stand out because the exceptional time and attendance systems in the marketplace. These answers, alongside the other top picks on our listing, make it smooth for any commercial enterprise to accurately song employee time.

The excellent time and attendance structures sync along with your payroll issuer to make certain seamless and accurate pay runs every time.

  • ABC Bearing Ltd.
  • AC Nielson ORG-MARG
  • Action India
  • Alembic Chemicals Ltd.
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Arthur Anderson Consulting
  • ABB
  • Astrazenica Ltd.
  • B. T. A. Cellular Ltd.
  • B. E. S. & T Ltd.
  • Bank of Baroda Staff College
  • Baroda Management
  • Batliboi Ltd.
  • Bax Global India Ltd.
  • Berger Paints (I) Ltd.
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL)
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Birla Copper Ltd.
  • Blue Star Ltd.
  • BSES Management Institute
  • Cerebus Consultants
  • CR Seals India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Daimler Chrysler India Pvt. Ltd.
  • E. I. DuPont India Ltd.
  • Enercon India Ltd.
  • FAG Precision Bearings Ltd.
  • Fritolay India Ltd.
  • Globe Span India Ltd.
  • Godrej Industries Ltd.
  • Gujarat Alkali and Chemical Ltd (GACL)
  • Gujarat Communication and Electronic Ltd.
  • Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB)
  • Gujarat State Fertilizers Company (GSFC)
  • Hindustan Construction Company
  • Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
  • HPCL Vikas Refinery (HPCL)
  • Hikal Ltd.
  • IDBI Bank
  • Idea Cellular Ltd.
  • Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Ltd (IFFCO)
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL)
  • Indian Oil Tanking Ltd (IOTL)
  • Indian Petrochemical Corporation Ltd (IPCL)
  • Indo- Burma Petroleum Ltd (IBP)
  • Indo-Gulf Corporation
  • Institute of Human Capital (IHC)
  • Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • IT Preneurs, Jyoti Ltd.
  • JMDI Ltd.
  • Johnson and Johnson Ltd.
  • Kamala Dials Ltd.
  • Kanoria Chemicals and Industries Ltd.,
  • Keane India Ltd.
  • Kenstar WZ
  • Krishak Bharti Cooperative Ltd (KRIBHCO)
  • Kuoni Travel (I) Ltd.
  • Lakhanpal National Ltd.
  • Larson and Toubro Ltd.
  • Ma Foi Management Consultants Limited
  • MAJAN College
  • MICO India Ltd.
  • MIEL e-security Ltd.
  • NDDB Ltd.
  • Nilaka Consultants Ltd.
  • Oil and Natural Gas Commission Ltd. (ONGC)
  • OMAN
  • Reliance Industries Ltd. (The Biotech Division)
  • Reliance Petroleum Ltd.
  • Sarabhai Chemicals Ltd.
  • SIES College
  • SPANCO Telesystems and Solutions Ltd.
  • Spectronet Ltd.
  • SPG Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Star Electronics Ltd.
  • Sulzer India Ltd.
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  • Tata Atlas India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tata Management Training Center (TMTC)
  • TVS & Sons Ltd.
  • Wartsila India Ltd.
  • Welspun India Ltd.
  • Yahama Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Zydus Cadila Health Care Ltd.

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