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Various Department / Function Outsourcing:

Your company is great in a particular line of business. Therefore, smart companies like yours understand that it is a good strategy to focus on core strength and take the help of experts and their support staff to achieve quicker results at a lesser cost. This gives organizations an opportunity to have a huge focus on their strength which results in a higher quality of product and services that they deliver to the external market.

When you have such a need, Salahkaar Consultant is there for you. Your HR, Procurement, Sales, Finance & Accounting, Insurance, Engineering, and other jobs can be outsourced to us making your team free to deliver higher quality work.

Check our outsourcing services:

HR Outsourcing: When you come to us for HR outsourcing. We can take a particular section of the HR department and handle it. Alternatively, you can outsource your entire HR department. Check more details here. Reach us today. Contact us here.

Procurement Outsourcing: If your profit margin is 5 to 10%, a similar small savings of 5 or 10% lower cost for overall purchases can almost double the bottom line and the cash in the company’s bank account! We have surprised our clients with our reach in the market and our expert negotiation skills. We have a group of experts who can help you get a better negotiated prices for your purchases which gives a huge competitive edge to your organization. Additionally, there is no fixed cost involved in this activity. For many years, industry procurement experts and their junior staff sitting in their offices away from the company’s premises handle most many outsourcing activities. The transactional procurement, like order processing or the management of invoices, is now relatively common. Only in the past few years, however, has the outsourcing of strategic procurement activities, like supplier selection, contract negotiation, or specification management, become more widespread. We have a group of experts for many industries. Reach us today. Contact us here.

Sales Outsourcing: Are you looking for end-to-end sales outsourcing or any specific part of your market responsibilities to be handled by an outside agency to get solution for your on-going problems and need, we are here to work with you and your team.
We support organizations for Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telesales, Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Inbound Call Center, Trade Show Leads, Foreign Sales. If you need, we can place an Outsourced Sales Person at your premises.
We handle prospecting, sales closures till payment collection activities. Reach us today. Contact us here.