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theresanelson asked 2 years ago

The CVault storage as well as healing container is a fantastic option for the weedist who is serious about saving their cannabis for freshness as well as high quality. The CVault is the perfect storage container for your fragrant blends. Boveda and also CVault will certainly add moisture if your fragrant blends are too dry. Boveda and CVault will remove dampness if they are too damp. What sets the CVault apart is that, not only is it air-tight, however it additionally contains a humidpak created to make the container function as a humidor. By maintaining your item at a perfect and also consistent loved one humidity suggests your product will not shed or acquire any kind of wetness. Instead, your product will be maintained at its suitable 62% dampness level throughout its desired life expectancy. The container itself is stainless steel, which suggests it is extremely durable as well as allows no light to enter. Having made use of “air tight” plastic containers in the past, the distinction in top quality and also sustainability is extremely clear– the Cvault is a remarkable item. The thick silicon ring also shows to be a sturdy attribute and also makes sure a really air limited seal whenever. The container can be found in a selection of dimensions, and also there are 2 lines– individual and business. The individual CVaults can be found in 4 dimensions varying from the tiniest, which can hold 7-12 grams, to the biggest, which can hold 3 to 3.5 ounces. The industrial dimensions vary from the smallest holding 5-6 ounces and also the largest holding 2 pounds. Therefore, the CVault appropriates for the casual smoker, in addition to business proprietor– and every person in between. The containers are likewise reasonably valued. The humidpak does need to be replaced regularly. The paks last anywhere from 60-90 days, and also turn from a fluid state to a difficult granule state when it is time to transform them. Generally, the CVault is a premium healing and also keeping container that is a wonderful selection for a person looking for top quality, durability and also a container that will keep marijuana fresh.

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