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One of the top management asked one of our consultants, why your employees do not have as high energy we have

HelpCategory: QuestionsOne of the top management asked one of our consultants, why your employees do not have as high energy we have
Salahkaar Consultants Staff asked 6 years ago

Why Your Employees Do Not Have As High Energy As You Have

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Salahkaar Consultants Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Clients,

Here are my thoughts about ways to improve your production:

I saw two people in my circle talking about employee motivation for higher productivity. Therefore, today I am going to write about Employee Engagement. In simple words, we’ll talk about employee motivation for your organization and your goals.

I meet many managers and at times they would say, my employees, are not enthusiastic enough to give the hundred percent in this month. They also say they are not as enthusiastic as I am. So why this happens.

Various employee satisfaction survey shows two-thirds of employees worldwide are disengaged. And more than  20% are actively disengaged. World’s leading survey companies like Gallup and others have proved this many times.

When employees who are disengaged, they can be noticed in a simple way that they do not smile at the required level when they are at work. Ask yourself how many employees you have seen laughing aloud in your organization in last one month. Actively disengaged employees go on job boards (portals) and click 100 jobs more frequently. They talk negatively about the company constantly. They will not come back when you give any job and they have not done that. This you see many times. These actively disengage people almost hate the culture or your people at your organization.


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Article cont...  Mind you, engagement of employees is directly proportional to customer satisfaction and quality of your product and service, achievement of your targets.

Disengaged and actively disengage employees cost very heavily to the company.

By the way, there are many employees who are at average satisfaction level but yet not engaged. Now you must be wondering what this means. In simple words, they would finish your job as you say but they will never take initiative. They will walk for your production targets but never run for it. Employees at average satisfaction level do not hate their job and hence they do not quit.

Whereas employees at engaged level love the job.

So what are major elements that bring engagement to the employees?

Researches show few of them as below.

>The job that they do
>Relationship with co-workers
>Opportunity to use skills and abilities
>Relationship with the manager
>Contribution of their work to overall organization’s goal
>Autonomy and Independence that you give to them

Now when you want your employee to change the present status, it starts right at the top.

So if you want your employee to smile and work hard and work overtime it starts with the manager or leaders’ level. On one side when you drive your employee on bigger goals, you need to take care that you are having a good relationship with them on a day-to-day basis as well. As an example, when you criticize them, please note that your account of Criticism versus Praise should always be positive. You might have seen the appraisal form of a good organization. They have a space to write what they have done well and this is peace is always larger than space is always larger than space given for area of improvement points. This means whenever you criticize anyone you have to see that you praise that fellow more then you are criticizing. You might have seen yourself when you praise someone and then you talk about an area of improvement, it goes deep into them, much better.

Quick ideas for engagement:

In addition one can do the following:

How about getting lunch for everyone in your team if your organization is doing very well and people are working hard towards it? I still remember how my manager some 15 years back, use to get dinner for all since all use to stay long while closing all work for the month.

How about you start writing personalized greeting cards for all those guys who are doing out of the box thinking and also for those guys who are working late hours?

How about rewarding more people than what do you usually do with things like a ticket for the movie?

How about you talking about work and life balance rather than only employees talking about it?

Survey reveals employees come to the office for salaries but they become more productive if they are encouraged. Show more emotion and you will get more productivity. That’s not an extra cheese but very fundamental.

Appreciation helps cognitive functioning, creativity, and innovative thinking.

If you take care of your employee and appreciate them more often, they would perform better. Which in turn will bring better creativity and problem-solving efforts, better decision making and stronger health for them as well?

Good luck for future working!!

I invite comment from you..


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