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psilocybe cubensis

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leifseidl asked 2 years ago

The magic mushroom is a species of fungis that grows normally in cattle manure or various other substratums as well as has been used in spiritual events and also routines for thousands of years by different individuals and also cultures, consisting of the Siberians, Mayans, Aztecs as well as Mazatecs in Mexico. Several of the possible effects when eating magic mushrooms are: spiritual visions and a sense of transcendence, changes in nausea or vomiting, sweating as well as consciousness. Falling asleep for a couple of hours and having even more vivid, more real dreams, feeling “energised”, along with the “determination to open”, showing a “much more open character”, are additionally impacts that can occur. The effects can be negative or favorable and also will not constantly show up the first time you use a magic mushroom. The amount taken in might also influence the event or not of the adverse effects described. The Aztecs famously called the magic mushroom teonanacatyl or flesh of the gods, when converted. Magic mushrooms can also be referred to as psychedelic mushrooms. There are research studies where they are examining the opportunity of using psilocybe cubensis as a form of therapy for obsessive compulsive condition, much better known as OCD, as well as also to help reduce anxiety. Regardless of what some people might believe, magic mushrooms do not create any withdrawal impacts or reliance for those who eat them. There are some reports of magic mushroom routines among the Aztecs in which magic mushrooms were mixed in their ritualistic cacao drinks, to open up the heart and link with the emotions. Some additionally simply consumed both, as chocolate is rich in tyrosine, a substance that not just stimulates the release of endorphins, but likewise the manufacturing of serotonin and also dopamine and also MAOIs that regulate the same neurotransmitters however likewise avoid them from the active ingredient in the mushroom weakens quickly. Magic Mushrooms are normally found in pastures as they grow in the dung of some pets. The mushrooms we provide are expanded in heated greenhouses following the strictest requirements of high quality and quality, to supply the most effective item for you. This product is planned for collection and agricultural research. We do not advise the intake of this product. This item is not a medicine. Always seek advice from a doctor before taking medicine.

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