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What are the uses of Assessment centre for an HR professional?

HelpCategory: QuestionsWhat are the uses of Assessment centre for an HR professional?
Riya asked 4 years ago
Archana replied 4 years ago

Diagnosis of training and development needs :

Assessment Centers offer the chance to establish individual training and development requirements, while providing candidates with a greater appreciation of their needs.

Organisational planning:

Assessment Centres can be used to identify areas where widespread skill deficiencies exist within organisations, so that training can be developed in these areas. Results can also be integrated with human resource planning data to provide additional information concerning the number of people with particular skills needed to meet future needs.


Assessment Centres can be used to assist the appointment of individuals into the new structure, identify individuals’ explicit strengths and development needs, key motivators and actions to meet needs. They can also be used to support career development planning for those appointed, and redeployment/career outplacement for those not.

Development :

Assessment Centres can be used as a tool for team-building and the development of skills that will be called on in the future. Coaching and counselling sessions can be integrated into the programme to develop people during the course of the Development Centre.