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Executive Stores

*This job is PAUSED right now, but may get open in the future. You may present your information by applying.*

Job Objective:

* To handle stores related activity such as Engineering material storage and issuing as per requirement.

* To avoid over and under-stocking of materials.

* To maintain systematic records of materials.

* To protect materials from losses and damages.

* To minimize the storage costs of materials.

Key Responsibility:

Quality Policy & SOP Adherence

1)    To follow Quality Policy & Data integrity policy.

2)    To ensure that personnel working in Stores are trained for job responsibilities, SOPs, QMS and Personnel & Hygiene practices.

3)    To ensure that all employees in Stores are trained for MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet) of raw materials & APIs.

4)    To ensure that entry & exit procedure followed.

5)    To ensure that raw material, packing material received from approved vendors.

6)    To ensure that all SOPs pertaining to QMS and Stores and Personnel are implemented

7)    To ensure that all weights and measurement devices are calibrated as per respective SOPs before use.

8)    To report any deviation observed to QA and to conduct failure investigations, deviations related to Stores.

9)    To ensure that materials received at Stores are unloaded, dedusted, stored and labelled properly.

10) To ensure that Good distribution practices followed as per SOP.

11) To ensure that raw materials retested as per schedule.

12) To ensure that material dispatched to customer as per supply order, schedule and from the approved transporter.

13) Scrutinizing all the incoming material according to supplier invoice.

14) To update rejection analysis on daily basis without any error.

15) To ensure raw material is unloaded and kept in given space.

16) Responsible for issuing raw material as per requirement to production team

17) Responsible for checking stock and inform short-fall & excess material to the purchase & production dept. as per the requirements.

18) Responsible for keeping record and track of raw material sent to job work.

19) Scrutinizing all the incoming material according to supplier’s invoice and quantity.

20) Responsible for checking the stock and should inform about the shortage and excess of the material present to the purchase & production dept. as per the requirement.

21) To ensure that rejected raw material / packing material segregated and kept properly in rejected storage area and disposal of rejected material done as per SOP.

Housekeeping and Implementation of 3 S(Swort,Sweep,Standardize)

22) To ensure cleaning and housekeeping of Stores, dispensing tools, PPEs and sampling & dispensing booth.

23) To ensure that FIFO / FEFO (as applicable) followed while issuance of material for manufacturing.

24) To maintain good house – keeping and 3S in his respective work place.


25) To prepare required documents related to dispatch (excise, invoice and other commercial documents).

26) To coordinate with other departments for smooth functioning of organization.

27) Preparing documents according to various audit requirements.

Stock Statement

28) Check the store stock monthly, quarterly and annually& submit to accounts

29) To take physical stock of all items each month quantity wise (both inward and outward) with stores team and updating the inventory sheet.

30) To analysis of stocks & communicate about obsolete stock to respective department.

31) Discussing and providing timely stock statements to accounts department on monthly basis.

32) To take physical stock of all the items for every month and update its quantity.

33) Check the store stock monthly, prepare stock statement and submit to the accounts department before the 5th of every month.

Goods Receipt Note(GRN):

34)To prepare good receipt note (GRN) of incoming material.

Manpower Handling & Allocation:

35)To ensure safety precautions are followed by all the workers and co-workers and ensure everyone is using PPE’s.

36)To lead, supervise and motivate stores team.

Skills and Competencies required – (Display the following written skills and Behavioral competencies which are required for this position)

1)     Confident, tact and a persuasive in nature.

2)     Team working

3)     Planning and organizing

4)     Promoting core values of the organization

5)     Ethical working

6)     Eye for details

7)     Sense of urgency and commitment to time lines and promises for work delivery

8)     Ability to maintain required business secrecy

9)      Provide leadership to team mates

Location : 1 Hour from Pune

Job Designation: Executive Stores
Job Industry: Pharma / Biotech / Clinical Research
Job Location: Pune
Job City: Pune
Job Country: India
Job Active: Active

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