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Every time a candidate is chosen for a position, businesses send out an official letter of appointment. Typically, this is handled by the HR division. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve never written an appointment letter before or don’t feel entirely at ease doing so.

This article will define appointment letters, walk readers through the process of writing one, and offer free, downloadable Word and PDF templates.



The meaning of an appointment letter


A letter of appointment serves as official confirmation of a candidate’s employment. Normally, an offer letter is given to the candidate following a positive interview. After that, the applicant has a set amount of time to evaluate and discuss the terms and circumstances of the offer, such as the pay scale. When the negotiations are finished, the candidate receives the official appointment letter from the HR department.


How to draught a letter of appointment


Now that we are familiar with the fundamentals of an appointment letter, let’s examine its contents.


  • A professional letterhead to give it an official appearance, along with the candidate’s name, contact information, and the date of issuance.
  • Use the candidate’s formal name in the greeting, followed by a salutation like “Dear Atul Sharma.”
  • To write the letter’s content, choose between using full sentences or the conventional paragraph format. Or use the contemporary format, where the important elements are listed with bullet points that also contain brief paragraphs.
  • Formally offer the position to the potential applicant in the opening paragraph. The deal ought to specify the recipient’s position title as well.
  • In the part after this, briefly describe the candidate’s position and obligations.
  • Mention the dialogue briefly and the recipient’s start date as agreed upon during the interview or job offer phase.
  • Include the working hours for the advertised employment, such as the anticipated daily hours with start and end times or the anticipated weekly hours. Mention whether the position is full-or part-time.
  • Be sure to mention the position’s formal wage, which was discussed throughout the job offer and negotiating stage. Include other significant components of the total salary in this section as well, such as insurance policies, gratuities, and pension plans.


  • Include all other significant additional terms and conditions (such as dress code) at the end of the document. a letter.
  • State if the receiver needs to sign the correspondence in order to close it. In this final area, include the due date for acceptance or a letter response.


When Will You Receive Your Letter of Appointment?


It is supplied following the conclusion of the selecting procedure. A letter of appointment essentially verifies a person’s appointment to a certain position and their acceptance of it.


After a candidate has been chosen and the offer letter has been accepted, the corporation gives it to them.


Samples of Appointment Letters


It is crucial to provide all pertinent information in an appointment letter, including the job profile, duties, location, compensation, and perks. For your reference, the following are some examples.


Order of Appointments via Mail


recipient’s message:


Order of Appointments


Greetings, Serena Joy


Congratulations! This is to let you know that Edutech International, Hyderabad, is happy to offer you a full-time position as an academic counsellor. Based on how well you did in the interview and in your portfolio, we look forward to having you join us on or before January 17, 2022.


As a result of our talks, we would want to offer you a 150,000 INR annual salary as a result. Please see the attached job description for your reference.


You will have access to numerous benefits, including twelve unpaid leave days, an HRA, travel reimbursement, and health insurance.Please download the comprehensive offer letter that is attached to this email, sign it, scan it, and mail it to us by no later than July 1, 2022, in order to start the onboarding procedure.


heartfelt gratitude,


Employing Manager

The mail ID is

xxxxxxxx is the phone number.


The significance of a letter of appointment


This formal document is very important to both the employer and the employee.

This comprises all of the specifics of the job function and what the employer expects of the employee. The letter serves as an employment contract and provides comprehensive terms and conditions.


Both parties sign the letter of appointment, and each receives a copy of it. The letter’s recipient should carefully read it because it provides all the pertinent information about the position, including the salary and designation.

It is also admissible in legal proceedings to address any differences that could develop later.


Format for a Letter of Appointment


The following is a list of things to mention:


  1. Designation
  1. work environment
  1. Enrollment date
  1. Pay and benefits.
  1. hours of work.
  1. Rules and regulations
  1. Leave procedures


When composing an appointment letter, bear the following points in mind:


  • Address the recipient directly and state your name and position at the outset of the letter.

When providing the recipient with all the information they require for the task, be succinct and straightforward.

  • Give the recipient all the information they need, along with your business’s terms and conditions.
  • Mention the receiver’s responsibilities and functions.
  • Add your official stamp and full name to the appointment letter.
  • I will request the recipient to sign the letter and return a copy to you.


A Letter of Offer and a Letter of Appointment Differ Significantly


After completing your interviews, you will be given an offer letter. The business will send you an appointment letter as soon as you accept it.


The Letter’s Objective


An offer letter’s aim distinguishes it from an appointment letter. The purpose of the former is to let the applicant know that they have passed the hiring and selection process.

It demonstrates that they think the applicant is qualified for the position. When the applicant recognises and accepts the offer letter, the latter is issued. When a corporation hires a person for a specific job role, it does so according to a formal employment contract.


The Letter’s Substance


The writing is contrasted to an offer letter, where the purpose of an appointment letter is more obvious. In an offer letter, basic information about the job title, salary, location, and start date is provided. The appointment letter, however, is more thorough and in-depth. It is a formal contract between the employer and the candidate, which explains why. Roles and responsibilities, working hours, and supplementary rewards are all part of it. It outlines the job conditions, the circumstances surrounding contract termination, and other information.


The Letter Offered’s Timeline


An offer letter is always followed by an appointment letter. An offer letter is sent to a candidate after background checks and interviews. This paper declares the company’s intention to hire the applicant.

They can choose to accept it or reject it. The business sends them an appointment letter when they accept the offer letter. It serves as a formal contract between the business and the new hire.


What Should Be in an Offer Letter?


Included in an offer letter must be:


  • Start date: This is the day the employee can begin working for the company in full.
  • Position: The position for which the candidate has been employed must be specifically identified in the offer letter. For instance, the job could be a content writer, HR manager, or software engineer.
  • The at-will employment statement, which is an important aspect of the offer letter and confirms that the candidate is joining the company of their own free will and without any coercion,
  • Compensation: This refers to all financial and non-cash benefits that employees are qualified to obtain. In other words, it includes the pay and benefits.


What Should Be in an Appointment Letter?


The offer letter contains a few fundamental clauses. Which are:


  • Job title and responsibilities: The job title and the duties that the candidate is expected to accomplish must be stated in the appointment letter.
  • Terms of employment: The obligations and rewards that a candidate accepts when accepting a job are known as “terms of employment. Anything from pay, perks, retirements, corporate policy, termination, etc. may be included.
  • This section of the appointment letter outlines the circumstances under which an employee may be let go.
  • Confidentiality: This is another crucial element of the appointment letter mandating that an employee maintain the company’s privacy. Even if they quit the company, they are not permitted to disclose any information.
  • Exclusivity: In this section of the employment letter, the employee agrees not to work for any other businesses or organisations that provide identical services or conduct similar business.
  • Arbitration: This provision mandates that any disputes between an employer and an employee be resolved in front of an arbitrator, not a judge.


  • Severance pay is money or benefits provided by an employer to a worker when their employment ends.


How do you address a letter of appointment to an employee? (What ought to be included?)


Knowing what an employment contract is at this point, let’s take a closer look at what should be in the letter. Let’s have a peek, then!


  1. Add the company header first.
  1. a message of congratulations to the new employee.
  1. Role or title of the employee
  1. Employment status (full-time, on probation, part-time, etc.)(full time, on probation, part-time, and so on).
  1. Position Description
  1. The date of enrollment Additionally, information regarding the applicant’s need to be early on the first day should be included (if necessary).
  1. Apart from the regular offline or online hybrid work mode, mention the geographical location and postal address in case the candidate needs to travel to some new location.
  1. The terms under which the person was given a job should be mentioned. (In numerous If you’re recruiting a fresher, for example, you can expect them to maintain a minimal GPA until they graduate and work for your company. In some situations, there might be additional requirements for hiring an employee. This needs to be mentioned.
  1. Regular business hours
  1. Please include due dates for the following actions:
  1. Records that must be submitted
  1. Mention the likelihood that an employee will be transferred to everyone
  1. Salary, wage structure, and other benefits for employees


  1. Additional details, including the required attire,
  1. If they have any questions, they can contact you at your phone number or email address.
  1. Make care to seal or stamp the letter as a final touch (as per company policy).


Don’ts and Dos


Here are several more. Observe these guidelines while drafting an employment contract.


  • Be as specific and lucid as you can. Don’t omit important details only to keep the candidate guessing. Don’t leave anything to speculation and provide as many details as you can.
  • Ensure that the appointment letter has a joyful and enthusiastic tone. Keep in mind that your new applicant is going through a highly exciting time.
  • Be truthful and succinct. Don’t keep gushing about what a fantastic job you believe they’ll do in their new position. Here, keeping everything brief and sweet is best!
  • Avoid using words that suggest the appointment letter is a contract. I am aware that I stated the employment contract is a legal document and needs to be official. However, if you appear overly official, the candidate might become alarmed and believe that you are overly fussy about unimportant details. Make it sound welcoming.
  • Lastly, remember to provide your contact information at the conclusion of the appointment letter, such as your phone number or email address, so that the candidate may get in touch with you if they have any questions or concerns.


Finishing and signing off

The letter should conclude with a satisfying statement. The company should express its excitement about working with them in the end. the message After the word “sincerely,” add your signature with the date, leaving room for the employee’s signature with the date on the following line.




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