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Organizations worldwide are confronting more turbulent markets, more demanding shareholders and more discerning customers, and many are restructuring to meet such challenges. Their success in making the required changes greatly depends on the quality of their leadership–not only at the top of the organization but also among all managers responsible for operating results.

Organizations have realized that their managers, supervisors/non – supervisors and even salesmen should be exposed to general management and basics of behavioral sciences theory to facilitate their smooth integration into the organization and the culture around them thereby assisting them to function effectively in their roles as supervisors and officers. Today, one of the basics of managerial skills is creating the world of tomorrow, the world of the future, today. The keys are VISION and ACTION. Every effective manager/supervisor/officer must have leadership qualities, understand the culture in which they operate, emphasize action, accomplish tasks by teamwork, maintain open communication and manage conflict.

The present program has been tailor-made with this aim in view of developing action- oriented leadership qualities among the mangers/supervisors of the organization by producing cultural change and open culture by applying positive feedback. The special features of this program are that it will bring in a lot of inputs in the participants to become an effective manager in the typical Indian system.

Location & Date

  • 17th - 18th June
  • Pune
  • English
  • Salahkaar Consultants, Office # 2A and 2B, Pillar Homes, Opp. Silver Line Society, Near Ganpati Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune 411 014, India. Landmark: Behind Fortune Inn Jukaso Hotel.


For India: Rs.7000/-
For Other Countries: $300

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Course Outline


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understand the management team dynamics of the Indian sub-continent in the social and cultural scene.
  • Encourage information sharing and promote an agreed upon culture within the company and be able to share actively with others through examples and an open communication style.
  • Produce change in others by expressing disagreements tactfully and resolving disagreements and conflicts in a constructive manner further enhancing trust and team-spirit within the group
  • Communicate in a manner that is clear and concise such that it helps the other person understand the message, expectation or overall direction of the process
  • Build a sense of responsibility among the managers to clearly see the positives and the negative aspects of their roles and the part they play in helping the organization to achieve its short and long term goals by following clear plans and actions as agreed upon.
Topics To Be Covered

  • What is management, who are managers and leaders?
  • Roles and responsibilities of a manager in achieving organizational goals
  • Indian social and cultural scenario and the Indian managers.
  • Team dynamics, team work and action-centered teams.
  • Cultural change and creating an open culture in organization
  • Basics of communication.
  • Role of open, clear and concise communication in task accomplishments and conflict management.
  • Conflict dynamics and dynamics of intra-personal, inter-personal and inter-group conflicts.
What Will Participants Gain?

  • The participants will have a clear understanding of the basic concepts of supervision, management and result-oriented leadership.
  • They will gain a better understanding of human behavior leading to teamwork, team dynamics and conflict management in Indian social dynamics.
  • The participants will learn how to perform these roles effectively with goal achievement.
  • The participants will be better equipped to understand the Indian cultural and group dynamics.

The program will use a mixed package of methods including structured and unstructured sessions of lectures, exercises, games, case studies, audio – visuals, films, in– basket exercises, etc.


Two days with 6 hours per day.


You would be provided widely experienced faculty having combination of industry and academic world. Partial list of our associates is here.