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Psychometric Inc. (A sister concert of Salakaar Consultant, Pune, India) is offering a few interns (1 year) with a fellowship in Psychology, any branch with interest to work for Organization, EnergicK Therapy and /or Counselling.
Along with training, we will give the opportunity to earn a post-graduate diploma in any of the following:

1) Psychometric Testing and Administration,

2) I/O Psychology, OB and HRD,

3) Competency Mapping Expert,

4) Performance Management.

All these courses are free for an intern.

In very exceptional cases, one may be allowed to earn two diplomas during their one year stay.

The courses which cost more than INR 60k will be free for Intern. Selection will be based on Career Records and Personal interview.

Interns will be taught and trained free.

Examinations will be conducted for each course.


Location & Date

  • As early as possible
  • Pune
  • English



Course Outline

Course will be decided as per requirement


Based on Career records and Personal Interview


Intern may be allowed two diplomas in their one year stay