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Personality is derived from the Latin word persona, the name given to the masks that actors wore. Psychologists define personality as; a dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his/her unique adjustments to the environment.

Personality refers to the pattern of psychological and behavioral characteristics that distinguishes each person from everyone else. It gives the individual all that is needed for his unique adjustment in his environment. The process of making adjustment to the environment (be it manufacturing, pharmaceutical, selling, process, services sector) is a continuous key to all functions (behavior) including managerial.

Location & Date

  • 17th June 2017
  • Pune
  • English
  • Salahkaar Consultants, Office # 2A and 2B, Pillar Homes, Opp. Silver Line Society, Near Ganpati Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune 411 014, India. Landmark: Behind Fortune Inn Jukaso Hotel.


For India: Rs.3500/-
For Other Countries: $150

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Course Outline

What Does Personal Effectiveness Mean At Work?

The only right answer is the one that makes you happy. Personal effectiveness means making the most of all our personal resources (at our disposal), talents, energy and time relative to what's most important to us. It's more a matter of taking whatever steps fit your style to give you the feeling that you are making best use of your talents, energy and time. For this to happen, you need to understand yourself. You need to develop your awareness about yourself. All highly effective managers tend to have a high level of self-awareness. Only your own awareness about your traits, qualities & characteristics gives you skills to relate to various managerial functions.


The present program focuses on helping you understand your own personality and behavioral pattern to make you more effective, personally and professionally. More specifically, the workshop aims to;

  • Orient the participants about the concept and importance of personal understanding of their mental or social qualities.
  • Sensitize them on their personal qualities, with reference to their role.
  • Provide insights and skills to relate self and personal awareness with functional effectiveness .
The Coverage - Focused Skills And Tools

  • Who Am I?
  • Personal Effectiveness Competencies
  • Enneagram Typology-To which part of Universe I belong?
  • Integrating self with my functional roles.
  • Achieving my potential.
  • Take home lessons.
  • Taking Charge.
  • Action plan.
Special Highlight

We will use Enneagram personality test (an entirely new concept and psychometric test developed by Salahkaar ) for better understanding of one’s personality type which will be very helpful for the participants to understand their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses so that they can plan well before they are promoted and take up new responsibilities.


One entire day with six hours of interactive sessions.


The program will use a mixed package of methods including unstructured and structured sessions of lectures, exercises, games, case studies, audio – visuals and other exercises.

Target Groups

The program is targeted at the Middle and Senior level Managers.


You would be provided widely experienced faculty having combination of industry and academic world. Partial list of our associates is here.