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Stress means different things to different people. In an uncomplicated way, it is best to consider stress as something that involves the interaction of the individual with his environment. Stress is the product of misfit between the individual and his environment. This misfit may be in any area of adjustment, namely, family, social, health, education, occupation, etc. These boundaries of stress areas are often artificial ones. One can transgress into any area, any time.

The consequences of stress could be devastating. However, at the same time, it (stress) is an essential part of life. Stress not only arouses us to action, but also energizes us for continued effort.

The main focus of the present workshop is on the management of stress in such a way that coping with stress becomes easier and productive materially, socially as well as professionally. A company’s program that helps the employees to manage their stress is in its (company’s) own interest because a stress free workforce will eventually add to the company’s effectiveness and profitability.

Location & Date

  • 17th - 18th June
  • Pune
  • English
  • Salahkaar Consultants, Office # 2A and 2B, Pillar Homes, Opp. Silver Line Society, Near Ganpati Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune 411 014, India. Landmark: Behind Fortune Inn Jukaso Hotel.


For India: Rs.7000/-
For Other Countries: $300

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Course Outline


To enable the participants to :

  • Understand the nature of stress – its concept, nature and consequences.
  • Understand the sources and origin of their own personal stress.
  • Cope with their stress level, the survival of the fittest and
  • Remain a best fit in their personal and professional lives.
  • Maintain a balance between family and work.
Course Coverage

  • Nature and causes of stress – concept and etiology.
  • Identification of areas of stress for each individual participant.
  • Roles and stress attributed to the respective roles.
  • Coping strategies and behavior.
  • Stress management exercises.
  • Family and work life balance.
  • Action plan and take home lessons.
What Will Participants Gain?

  • Participants will gain deeper understanding of their own and others’ behavior and intentions.
  • Participants will be able to understand group dynamics and the nature of the teams working with them.
  • They (participants) will be able to chart out clear group goals and draw a path to achieve them with commitment and involvement.
  • After the program, the participants should be able to plan and manage meetings effectively.
  • Participants should be able to understand their respective roles and relate them to the vision of their organization.

Two days (6 hours per day).


The program will use a mixed package of methods including lectures, exercises, games, case studies, audio – visuals and other exercises.

Target Groups

The program is targeted at all the levels of functionaries including Managers, Executives, and Officers from HR and non-HR functions. In the interest of the effectiveness of the program, the number of participants shall be limited to 20.


Training sessions will be conducted by a senior consultant(s) who is an expert in financial discipline. Partial list of our associates is here