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The Whole World Is Changing, Evolving. How About You?

The Bar Has Been Raised.

Are You Going To Sit Tight And Wait For The Change To Come And Sweep You Or Plan To Move Forward And Lead From The Front For Transformation Of Your Function And Your Organization Wherever You Are?

The present workshop has been designed on the basis of Salahkaar Consultants’ Survey on HR professionals to seek their opinion about the roles of HR in recessionary times to prepare for beyond.

Over the past decades, a rallying cry of Chief Human Resource Officers has been for HR Transformation: Get close to the business; focus less on basic HR transactions and focus more on adding business value. HR has been one important aspect of this transformation, enabling many organizations to decrease their administrative and transactional burden. In the process, many times, HR itself forgets to bring about its own transformation. This often results into a big mismatch between the organization’s goal, vision and mission and the HR’s capabilities.

Human resources transformation refers to the massive restructuring of corporate human resources (HR) departments that has become imperative after 1995 and more so after recession. Before that, the staff in HR departments had generally been seen as administrators, not as people to be involved in high-level strategic discussions. This Must Change.

By accomplishing HR transformation, we envision the HR community to be at the center stage as organizations face greater business changes than they have ever faced. HR professionals have to focus more on outcome than on activities. It is more a matter of organizational capabilities than anything else. They must become “Administrative Experts”, Employees’ Champions”, “Strategic Partners” and “Change Agents” all at once.

This workshop promises to prepare you to tighten your belt to face the challenges of the now evolving business world.

Location & Date

  • 16th - 18th June
  • Pune
  • English
  • Salahkaar Consultants, Office # 2A and 2B, Pillar Homes, Opp. Silver Line Society, Near Ganpati Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune 411 014, India. Landmark: Behind Fortune Inn Jukaso Hotel.


For India: Rs.10,500/-
For Other Countries: $450

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Course Outline


The central objectives of the workshop is to prepare the HR and other non-HR professionals from line and staff functions concerned with human resources of their organization to be capable to creatively facing up and contributing to the business challenges that are becoming more challenging and complex by the day. To prepare them to face the emerging economic, global, technological, competitive, customer and demographic changes and pressures and evolve as business leaders seeking innovative solutions in managing short, and long-term cost and growth, both locally and globally.

The workshop seeks to make HR and Non-HR professional become:

  • More conscious of the growing differences in the current and emerging business scenario
  • More aware of the growing challenges in making their organization more profitable and prosperous in spite of downturn
  • Capable of transforming themselves and their roles to fit into the growing challenges of the demanding times
  • Capable of using various tools of transformation (which will be supplied to them in the workshop)
  • Aware of happening in transformed companies in Europe, US an India and
  • Exposed to some more undeclared indirect learning and expertise…..
Topics To Be Covered

  • The background of the HR functions- its past and present.
  • Present business scenario and role of HR.
  • Why, what and how of HR transformation.
  • Possible outcome of HR Transformation.
  • How to transform HR-Redesigning HR.
  • Transformation tool kits.
  • Upgrading HR professionals.
  • HR Accountability – making it happen.
  • Some cases from Europe, US and India of HR and organizational transformation.
  • Conclusion and review and Take home lessons.

To the Individual Participants

  • This workshop will take the participants to the next level of their knowledge and expertise in transforming their function and consequently the bottom line of the organization.
  • A Non-HR functionary will learn a lot about transformation of HR functions which they can fruitfully utilize in two noteworthy ways:(i) Helping their colleagues in HR to grow and adjust and help line functions and (ii) By learning the growth path of HR, they can very effectively add to their own expertise in handling their peers and subordinates.

Method for conducting the program will be a mixed package of interactive sessions employing a combination of discussion and presentations, psychometric and other behavioural exercises, group exercises, case studies, business games, Videos of top international HR experts, HR Transformation tools, question & answers sessions, etc.

The following tools will be used and distributed to participants:

  • List of Mistakes HR Generally Make
  • Pilot’s Checklist
  • Preparedness for HR Transformation Assessment Questionnaire
  • How to Start HR Transformation? –A Jumpstart method Tool.
  • Stakeholder Analysis Questionnaire
  • Salahkaar Business Case Worksheet
  • Organization Capability Assessment Questionnaire
  • HR Strategy Statement Tool
  • The six “Bs” Overview
  • Strategy Assessment Worksheet
  • HR Competencies Research-white paper
  • HR Competencies Assessments tools
  • HR Transformation Milestones Checklist
Target Groups

The workshop is primarily intended to benefit senior professionals like Directors/ VPs/ GMs/DGMs/ Senior Managers / Executives / Officers from all functions--both HR and non-HR. Line managers, as well staff representatives from all kinds of organizations- public, private, government, NGOs, etc. Involvement of Non-HR senior professionals along with their HR managers is highly welcome and recommended.


Three full days (each day will have training inputs of six hours each).


You would be provided widely experienced faculty having combination of industry and academic world. Partial list of our associates is here