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How Do You Create A Positive Company Culture?

A positive work culture makes employees enjoy their stay in the organization. They come together and work as a team. And then a strong network of hands joined together in harmony boosts the outcomes and health of a company…

A Company is made up of people who work to achieve one common goal. An organization becomes successful by the effort of its workforce. People utilize their skills and help each other to achieve company goals. It is never a one-man army but a congregation of hardworking individuals.  Each individual has a specific and different role to play.  When these come together, any product or service is successful in reaching the market. We talk a lot about the company’s goodwill among the employees, but do we actually know, that goodwill will come if the company has a good culture.

Let us talk about what company culture is.


What is Company Culture?

Simply speaking, Company Culture forms the way/style of working on the assigned roles in the workplace. Yes, as the name suggests, it is the culture that employees maintain in the organization. It ensures the company’s proper functioning. It involves both formal and informal elements and systems of workplace behavior.  There are significant values entangled within this. It makes sure that the company functions and is bereft of any conflicts: serious or otherwise. Company Culture creates an invaluable experience for each of its employees and customers.

It includes much more than employee behavior. It comprises all interactions that make rounds in the workplace. Importantly, even when it is not administered or monitored, more like behind the lens and scenes.    An HR manager must be aware of gathering information about the needs of the employees. For employees, the words, “Human Resources” signify, providing resources to employees of the company. Employee satisfaction leads to an increase in productivity and better performance. That is proportional to customer satisfaction. So, we must create a positive work atmosphere for the employees. Helping them excel means looking toward the company’s bright future.

Numerous kinds of research stated that most of the executives and the rest of the employees opine that a distinct corporate culture is crucial to the success of a business. Surveys also suggest that there exists a strong correlation between employees who feel happy and valued at work and their performance and contribution to business profits.


Establishing Positive Workplace Culture: Contributing Factors

Now, we have an idea about what exactly defines Company Culture. Let us then look at a few crucial factors which need to secure a positive workplace environment. These factors serve as the building blocks in corroborating an effective and optimistic work atmosphere.


Erecting a feeling of Trust:

Building a mutual feeling of trust amongst the employees is one of the most poignant factors. Once there is a bond of trust among employees, their relationships will be strengthened. It will lead to a more cooperative environment for them to work in. Trust symbolizes the pillars of a monument that upholds the entire structure. Without the pillars, the structure will not hold for long. In a company, trust is the pillar of the institution. If there is no trust, the entire structure of the organization will soon crumble.  Trust amongst employees is the framework that helps give a proper shape to the workplace. It radiates positivity amongst every individual in the company. Trust must not only be maintained amongst the employees but also between the managers. If employees award their trust in you as a manager, they will support your decisions. Trust gives a sense of Unity in the diverse pool of human beings who work for the same cause. Thus the management and the employees must be in sync with each other. It will only be possible by establishing a feeling of trust.  A significant step is to introduce honesty in your relationship with the employees. This shows acknowledgment of errors on your part too if any. Employees will be encouraged to own up to their mistakes as well.


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Interaction and Communication:

Effective Communication is the main aim of a good HR manager. It is one of the most significant tools and skills of an HR. An HR manager must communicate the requirements of the company to employees. The problems of the employee must also be communicated back to the company. This is one of the factors which helps in ensuring a positive company culture. If the employees can open up then it will allow you to solve their issues and thus make them happy. Once the employees are satisfied, they would work harder. This will result in better productivity and bring out the best results for the company. Communication must be smooth between the HRs and the employee. But an HR manager must make sure that the interaction between employees must also positive and easy-going.


Recognition and Reward-based systems:

Psychology suggests that the human mind works better under Reward based systems. Acknowledgment of one’s contribution by praise or in some material form helps the release of dopamine in the brain. This hormone provides a sense of pleasure to an individual. Once that feeling subdues, a person works towards acquiring that feeling again. If an employee is rewarded based on his progress and contributions to the organization, he/ she will work harder to maintain or gain the reward once again. This will boost their urge to work. It will give a sense of moral satisfaction too. An employee must always feel valued in his workplace. If they feel devalued, they would be unwilling to work or withdraw their support from the company. Thus, it is important to reward an employee so that they contribute to a better Company Culture.



A puzzle can only be completed with accurate pieces which are relevant. The point of focus is to select compatible pieces and find the correct missing pieces. During the recruitment process, employees must be screened through a tough screening process. Their skills, behavior, and habits must be paid attention to. Securing that they would be a perfect fit for the company. A misfit employee without compatible skills might disrupt the otherwise pleasant workplace environment. HR managers must employ people who would fit in and increase the standards and make it better than usual.  Recruitment is considered to be the most important role of HR and also the company. It would further make way for the future of the company. Selecting the right employee would help in maintaining a calm workplace culture. This would result in the healthy functioning of the organization.


Stress-Reduction Schemes: Reducing Stress, Enhancing Optimism

Reducing Stress plays a pivotal role in governing an ideal and optimistic work environment. Nowadays workload is a major source of stress amongst employees. This tends to disrupt their work-life balance and employees begin to detest showing up for work and even when they do show up, they are unhappy and dissatisfied. Mental Stress also leads to various physical ailments as we know that the mind and body are interconnected. Stress leads to the deterioration of the health of an employee which leads to poor performance. Sometimes employees who are unable to cope with the stress also hand in resignations. Therefore Stress must reduce. Schemes be devised and put into action so that both the mental and physical health of the employees are looked after. Stress Reduction schemes could include yoga sessions, small in-office events, or outings. Seminars that reach out to the employees to work in certain set ways would help them manage their work better. Stress when conquered by the employees will reduce tension in the office and lead to a comfortable and relaxed working atmosphere.


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Regular Feedback Sessions:

Feedback sessions ensure swift communication between the company and its employees. It helps us know what runs through the minds of the employees. Input from the employees can prove invaluable to the growth of the company. Introducing regular feedback sessions would result in a steady and smooth communicative circle. It would help to better the workplace and thus ensure a positive workplace culture.


Issuing Family Funds:

Some companies issue family funds to support their employees in case of a family emergency. This is one of the effective means to increase positivity in the workplace. As Family Funds provide a sense of security to the employee. Thus companies should inculcate the system of assigning family funds to the employees for cases of emergency and more.


Accredit “Culture Champions”:-

Culture champions are employees who promote their companies with enthusiasm and good faith. They help encourage other fellow employees to do the same. Culture Champions emulate the values and visions of the company. They propagate them through the internal employee channel out into the world. Thus they claim a good reputation for the company. Boosting the energies of other employees helps in bettering workplace conditions.


Working Impactful Projects:-

HR managers must involve employees in impactful projects. It helps enhance their skills. Provides a new perspective and mindset to them. Projects which help society also boost employee morale. A significant contribution to the community helps improve workplace culture.


“Thank You” Notes:-

Expressing Gratitude in a written form of acknowledgment for an employee. Gratitude Notes written on paper and left on the employee’s desk would help bring a smile to their face. It will pump them up for the rest of the day. They will remember this form of acknowledgment. It would make them happier to be a part of an institution where they are valued.


Wearing Off Existing Culture:-

Working towards building a positive company culture does not mean a complete change. It means gradual changes over some time. Taking feedback from employees on what they like or dislike. Equating their thoughts with the company’s needs and then making necessary changes.


Providing Meaningful Goals:-

Goals help us align our actions and provide meaning to the work that we do on a regular basis. If the employees are given meaningful goals to chase, it would result in a healthy work culture. Every employee must have a set of goals they work for. It would give them something to look forward to. This would help ward off the monotony of daily office work.


Overall Improvement of Employee-relations:-

The most important thing for a company is to look after the wellness of its employees. The employees must be the first priority. If their needs are met and looked after in an all-rounded manner, that reflects on their performance.  Happier the employees, the better their performance. HR managers must take special care of this. They must make a note to know and listen with patience to each employee and their demands or grievances.


Why must we focus on positive Company Culture?

Company Culture holds within its grasp the entire functioning of a company/organization. There are a lot of added advantages corroborating the growth of a company. Let us review the advantages that tag along:-

  • Building trust:-

Building Trust among the employees helps incur loyalty of employees.  This proves to be beneficial for the company. It results in an unbreakable unity. And creates a solid foundation for the company, protecting it from negative situations.

  • Job Satisfaction”:-

When communication is steady, people feel more secure in the workplace. This boosts their desire to engage and involve with the company.

  • Increase in Productivity as a whole:-

Satisfied employees working in a comfortable work atmosphere tend to work harder. It, in turn, leads to an increase in productivity. When each individual puts in the required amount of effort, the compounded result shows massive progress on the company graph.

  • Creating an ideal work atmosphere:-

Creating an ideal workplace culture helps to encourage positivity. Amongst the employees, it boosts their morale and helps them perform their roles.

  • Steady communication:-

Good Communication and strong employee relations help develop a widespread social network.  It proves helpful in incurring growth in the company.

The proper functioning of a company requires the proper functioning of every department.  This keeps developing in their ways and only leads to improvement. Thus ensuring a positive company culture has a huge impact on the image of the institution which plays a pivotal role in making the company, a success.


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– This article is written by Salahkaar Content team Samarpita Ghosh, Narain and Anjali S D.

Concept by Shalav D.


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