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Employees’ Engagement Activities For Virtual Team

Employees’ Engagement Activities For Virtual Team


If you are a small business owner, then you would have noticed that employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges that you face. The reason behind this is that most employees don’t like working in an office and they don’t like coming to work every day. But if you manage to engage your employees through some unique activities then it will be easy for them to feel motivated about their work and become more productive at the same time.


  • What is employee engagement?


Employee engagement is the level of emotional connection employees have with their organization. Employee engagement can increase productivity and profitability, lower turnover, and improve customer satisfaction.


Employee engagement should be a top priority for every business because it’s an essential part of employee retention.


°} The benefits of employee engagement are well-documented:


×. Higher productivity


×. Improved customer satisfaction


×. Lower turnover rates


×. Improved profitability


Here are some best engagement activities for employees that will keep them entertained:-


  • Gamify work


Gamification is the process of applying game thinking and game design to engage people in solving problems. Gamification is a powerful way to motivate people to do things they wouldn’t normally do.


In the context of employee engagement, gamification can be used for incentive programs, such as points that you earn for completing tasks or achieving goals. You could also use it for training modules or other learning experiences with employees where you want them engaged but not bored by reading through long manuals or watching videos all day long!


  • Vlogging story time


×] What’s a vlog?

Well in simple terms, a vlog is a type of blog in video format.


Vlogging is a great way to build a sense of community, share knowledge and ideas, and improve communication. It’s also a great way to provide training for team members who may not be familiar with the technology you use.


To do this effectively:


Create an account on YouTube or another video platform (like Vimeo) that only your virtual team members have access to. This will ensure that only yours truly can post videos onto their channels without worrying about being “outed” as part of the company’s official YouTube channel!


Base the majority of your content around topics related directly or indirectly to what makes your business unique in its area – whether this means showcasing how well-known brands operate their business models compared to yours; telling funny stories about customers’ experiences using products/services provided by us; sharing content from other sources such as blogs/websites where we’ve been able to pick up tips & tricks etcetera…


  • Virtual office hours


Virtual office hours are a great way to connect with employees. They provide an opportunity for employees to ask questions or raise concerns that may not have been addressed by the company’s leadership team, but which can still be crucial for their success.


Virtual office hours can be done through email, phone, and/or video chat (Zoom or Skype). The frequency of virtual office hours depends on your business needs; some companies hold virtual meetings once per month while others do it daily. You should also consider what type of equipment you need to conduct these meetings effectively so that everyone has access at all times without any difficulty whatsoever!


  • Happy hours


Happy hours are a good way to connect with your team and build relationships. It can be a good way to start a conversation about the company culture, as well as learn more about each other’s interests, hobbies, and passions.


Happy hours may also be an opportunity for you to learn more about the team’s interests and hobbies through trivia nights or other activities like cooking classes or game nights. This will help you understand how much fun everyone has on the job!


  • Trivia Night


Trivia Night is a fun and interactive way to get your team together. It can be done virtually or in person, and it’s often used as a way to celebrate something (like the end of the year). You may also want to use Trivia Night as part of your larger strategy for getting people engaged.


× To set up a trivia game on your own:


Set up questions about what you’re doing, who else is there from other departments, or whatever else interests you. Then make sure that everyone has an opportunity at answering each question before moving on to the next one so there’s no cheating! If possible, let people know ahead of time what questions will be asked so they can prepare themselves mentally beforehand; if not – just go ahead with whatever happens naturally once everyone starts talking amongst themselves


  • Collaborative playlist creation


Collaborative playlist creation is a great way to get employees to share their interests. It can be used to generate ideas for team-building events, such as an employee appreciation party or holiday party. Employees can pair up with a buddy to attend lunch together virtually, or work in pairs on brainstorming sessions during lunch breaks. This is also great for new hires who may be unfamiliar with the organization’s culture and needs; by creating collaborative playlists, you’ll help them feel more connected and welcome into the office community.


  • Coffee/Tea break with new employee


You can use this opportunity to introduce your new employee to the team and take them on a tour of their new office or city.


Introduce the team: This is an excellent time to tell everyone about their new teammate. Ask them what they know about him/her, or if any questions should be answered before someone else does so.


  • Breakfasts and lunches:


Have breakfast/lunch at some point during this break period (it’s easy enough if you’re already thinking about it). The purpose here should be twofold: first, it allows everyone to meet each other; second, it provides both parties with food! If possible try out some local foods that aren’t available in corporate cafeterias like pizza and sushi rolls – these will make great conversation starters when talking over lunchtime activities later on down the road!


  • Sticky note challenge (My personal favorite)


The Sticky Note Challenge is a fun way to get people to interact with each other more.


All you need is a stack of paper, some sticky notes, and an hour or two. It’s that easy!


Start by writing down the names of everyone on your team—this could be from sales reps who sell products in-store or from customer service employees who handle client support issues—on the backside of one sticky note (we have found that this works better if you separate them into different piles). Then set a timer for 5 minutes and see how many small pieces of paper can fit in that time frame!


  • Digital Suggestion box (Yammer)


Yammer is a cloud-based enterprise social network that allows employees to submit ideas, questions, and feedback. It likewise enables you to collaborate on projects with your team partners. This can help boost employee engagement by giving them a voice in the workplace and allowing them to share their thoughts about what they are doing or how they feel about certain issues within the organization.


Yammer has been proven to increase transparency in the workplace by allowing more information sharing between employees than ever before. It also improves collaboration between teams because they can share files faster than ever before as well as discuss ideas together without having someone else read over their shoulder while they work away at something important like writing an email or making a presentation for management purposes etc. Finally, it helps boost creativity within organizations because people tend not only to talk about things but also listen closely when others speak up during meetings so there tends


  • Pair up with a buddy – Attend lunch together virtually. (Imagine this – Lunchtime talk show)


Feature star employees on the company website and social media platforms.


Open a company-wide digital suggestion box.


  • Break out of your bubble –


Learn about other teams, projects, etc., share more than work; share your wins, and look forward to interesting articles/books/etc.; get rid of the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality


Feature star employees on the company website and social media platforms.


Feature star employees on the company website and social media platforms.


Use the feature to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or other achievements.


Use it for recognising employees for their hard work and dedication.


You can also use this strategy as a motivational strategy by featuring short write-ups or longer features about your star employee(s). This can include screenshots, photos, and other mementos that are relevant to their role at work.


  • Takeaway:


Engagement is important for a successful business, especially in today’s economy. Virtual teams are no different from physical ones; they require engagement activities to be successful and productive.


  • The list below comprises some criteria of how to engage a virtual team:


Check in with members regularly via email or text messages during the work day (or evening) to make sure they’re doing well, ask how their day went and what they did that day, etc. This can be done using Google Groups or another platform that allows for text messages between members if necessary—just make sure you have access to all members’ emails so people know when it’s time for check-ins!


Keep track of milestones (e.g., “you reached your goal on this project”) and celebrate successes together as a group at some point after achieving them—this will help build camaraderie among team members while also giving them something concrete to work towards together!


  • Conclusion


You will have to make sure that all of these activities are engaging and fun to participate in. This is important so that your employees are happy at work and they continue to show up for their jobs. You can also take this opportunity to get rid of some stress by having a fun time with colleagues.


  • Why employee engagement is crucial.


Employees’ engagement is a crucial factor for the success of an organization. It is also an important aspect of employee engagement that is often overlooked by organizations.


Employees’ engagement activities are essential to building a strong team culture, increasing productivity, and fostering employee satisfaction. However, many companies have a difficult time engaging employees with their company initiatives because they have not been designed to meet the needs of today’s workforce.


Here are some tips for entertaining your team:


×} Make sure you’re using the right tools for the job. If you’re looking to engage your employees online, you need to make sure that your tools are optimized for social media platforms like Facebook, T, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that they can be used effectively.


×} Create an environment that promotes communication and collaboration among your employees. One way to do this is by creating an open office space where everyone can easily communicate with one another and collaborate on projects together as a team. This will help foster camaraderie between workers and build trust within the organization as well as encourage new ideas from employees who may not feel comfortable speaking up if they’re not part of a group setting like this one.


  • Some aspects to keep in mind of the Company:-


Engage employees in their work, but don’t make it mandatory. If you can get them to do it voluntarily, it will be much more valuable to them.


Engage your employees by asking them questions and encouraging them to share their opinions. This will help keep the communication lines open between you and your employees and allow you to hear what they have to say.


Provide a place where employees can congregate. This could be an area on your intranet or in a discussion group that allows people to discuss issues or problems within the company.


Offer incentives for participation in activities such as team-building exercises, contests, and prizes. These types of activities will motivate your staff because they want to win something for their efforts to feel appreciated by management and have their work appreciated by others within the company.


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