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With increase in industries there is also an increase in the demand of good employees. Human resources department commonly known as HR department are responsible for hiring good and talented employees. But with the onset of COVID pandemic, the HR departments of various organizations are facing a lot of problem in hiring and getting employees. Many employees are leaving their jobs voluntarily due to their personal reasons and many are leaving due to dissatisfaction felt by them.

According to a report produced by labor department, it was reported that around 4.3 million people left their jobs voluntarily in the month of August whereas the number was at 4 million in the month of July. The month of August saw a staggering amount of mass exodus recorded. Due to this mass exodus, governments are intervening to track and record these. As the economy is gradually recovering, companies are finding it difficult to hire good employees. There is a shift in the economy and employers as well as employees are now trying to be a part of this new shift. Employees are now aware of their rights and demand of high incentives whereas employers are trying their level best to attract more and more workforce.

How to attract top talents to your companies?

We know about some of the problems that the companies are facing with regard to employees. Companies face a lot of problems on how to hire new people and make them work in your company. Now one of the most important questions arises that how can companies change their hiring process? What innovative ways they could amend to attract more number of people? What can they do as companies to change the statistics of this mass exodus and bring back to normalcy? To answer these questions we need to first understand what employees are expecting in the post COVID era. It is a harsh reality that COVID has literally changed the scenario in each and every sphere of life. Listed below are few things that the HR department can try to increase their workforce:

  1. A strong recruiting team:

To ensure top and hidden talents of the employees, it is utmost important to build up a strong recruiting team who would analyze the applicants and recognize their talents. It is very important for a company to have a workforce who are not only talented but are honest and hardworking. The recruiting team should be consisting of people who not only analyze the applicants’ subject matter but also analyze their potentials. The recruiting team should be able to understand the person’s response to working under pressure and similar things.


  1. Mental health and emotional well being:

Since people and their needs had changed post COVID-19, it is necessary for a company to understand their employee’s desires and to come up with solutions that can attract a pool of good and top talents. On top of that a good company is the one that cares about their employees. Good companies invest some of their time and money in ensuring that their employees are in good shape mentally and physically. It is a known fact that this pandemic has taken a huge number of lives, but it is also a bitter truth that this pandemic has affected many people in different ways as well. People are suffering with mental health problems which are usually unnoticed. Having a bad mental health can not only effect someone’s mind but can also affect their physical well being. In such cases the productivity of the company decreases.

While many people believe that only larger businesses focus on their employees’ mental health, it is also observed that small businesses focus on their employees well being as well. Currently people search for such organizations where they would be able to focus not only on their work but can also be able to heal themselves. And a good organization community can help them achieve this goal. A company which checks in on each and every employee and gives priority to their health is one of the ideal companies for an employee. Thus a company should dedicate few of their time and manage to form a team that could check on the mental health of the employees of the organization or the company.


  1. Work life balance:

One of the key benefits that employees want is that they should have a good work life balance. One of the ways to ensure this is to give increased and enhanced leaves. This is a very tricky thing for a company to do. But think of it as a way to increase your productivity as this is entirely related to the employees’ satisfaction. These leaves would certainly give them ample amount of time to bond and spend some quality time with their family members. This in turn would bring harmony in their personal lives thus not affecting their professional life.

Although this may sound very easy to follow up but a survey showed that to give these benefits a company has to raise their budget as well. So companies and organizations should form a good way to enforce these things in order to attract more number of people in their companies.


  1. Having a cordial relationship with each and every employee in the company:

This may sound a bit out of the way but to ensure that you have a good workforce it is also very important to maintain a cordial relationship with the employees. To do more work and with more efficiency it is very much important that the team members have a good relationship amongst them. The same case goes with the owner and the employees as well.

It is a common complaint from employees that their suggestions are not heard or their complaints are not been addressed. This is also one of the reasons why good employees tend to leave. By listening to complaints and addressing them, a company is basically building trust and faith with their employees. Listening to opinions may also help in increasing the productivity of the company and can also provide the company with future opportunities. People search for such companies where they could be valued and where they are heard. And by ensuring this kind of environment exists in your workplace, you are indirectly attracting a number of good talents to your company. A good company always prioritizes their employees since employees make up the entire organization. Without the help of the employees, the organization or the companies would not have completed their tasks or achieved their goals. A company does not only run by the owner but also by the employees of that company.



  1. Appreciation and rewards:

Appreciations and rewards are a way to build trust. People expect appreciations for the work that they have done. And appreciating someone can help that person in a long run. This small appreciation would motivate them to work more. This would make them enthusiastic and would come up with futuristic plans for the company or the organization. This would increase their productivity as well. Since they dedicate a lot of time working for the company, it is important to recognize their efforts and appreciate them sincerely for their works. Therefore it is suggested to give compliments and appreciate them. Showing appreciations also make them feel prioritized and valued which is a great way to build good relations with the employees..

Listed below are some of the few ways in which you can show your appreciation for the employees of your company or organization:


  • Giving them bonus for their extra work.
  • Awarding them on special occasions
  • Giving them small token of gifts to recognize their hard work.
  • Taking them for a trip.
  • Having a meal together and discussing about future goals.


  1. Other benefits:

People search for those kind of companies where they could not only work and earn but can also enjoy life to the fullest. A friendly environment with good culture suits new employees since many applicants get attracted to such companies where they are offered with not only good amount of pay but graceful amount of leaves as well. Usually people opt for companies that can offer them other benefits like health insurances and maternity leaves.


  1. Future prospects:

A new recruit would always want to learn and polish his/her skill. Many companies offer courses for the same. This is a wonderful way to ensure that top talents join your company where he/she can grow as a professional. It is often advised to come up with different plans to ensure such thing happens in your company as well. Investing for good talents in a company can be very beneficial for the company as this could instill a sense of encouragement amongst the employees and make them work for you.


  1. A platform to share your story:

New employees search for people who could tell why they should work for a particular company. They want to listen to some advises and opinions before joining a particular company. They want more information relation to work culture and environment before dedicating themselves to this company. This can be done by the current employees. The best way to share these is by sharing videos and sharing their stories. Social media when used properly could help you as an HR to gain a pool of talented and good potential employees. Before joining any organization, potential employees search for reasons that why they should be doing work for that organization. For example, potential employees would want to know how you as an organization helped your current employees in this grave situation of COVID pandemic. They want to know what you did for your employees who work for you. Apart from these the current employees can share their experience working for the company.


  1. Engaging the talent pipeline:

Sometimes there occurs a situation where a good and talented employee has applied for a certain open position which is not fully fit for him/her. Some of the reasons why a good candidate is not hired in an open position may include the difference in the timing of the employee and the company. There may be reasons why he / she is not able to give time to this particular company. In such cases, the HR is responsible to keep this talent interested in their company. This can be done by doing a good publicity of the company which should be done by the marketing team and also by the recruiting team. The marketing team has to come up with such publicity ideas which can keep the potential employees updated as well as interested in the company. These ideas could include releasing newsletters, articles and sending automatic emails. This would ensure that the potential employee has your company in their minds. Do not shy away from showing your interest in them as well. by showing your interest on them you are actually creating a bond and making them feel prioritized.



Since post COVID, many employees are resigning due to various reasons. In this mass exodus companies are trying to find ways to maintain the number of their employees as well as recruit new talents. It is becoming a very difficult task for a company to hire good employees. In order to maintain the hiring numbers, it is important for a company to look into its hiring process and come up with different plans. The basic thing that a company should do is to create such environment where employees are valued and prioritized because these kinds of environments are often searched for by the new job seekers. Building relationships with your employees can not only help you attract top talents to your company but can also increase the efficiency and productivity of your company or your organization.

So, listed above were some of the few ways that can help you in attracting top talents to your companies and be a successful one in the industry. Hope this article helped. Stay tuned for more such contents.




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