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HR Outsourcing Companies in Dubai

HR Outsourcing Services in Dubai

Recently we started our service of HR outsourcing for a company where we are managing the HR department along with some of the internal HR managers.
In one of the HR process audits, we could trace out some of the vendors were paid more than the market rates. We immediately renegotiated with the vendor while teaming up with the present HR team and we were glad to see that vendor agreed to lesser service costs resulting in tremendous savings. This is the latest and best example of the effect of HR outsourcing activities.
At the onset of this article, let me thank you for reaching us. In this article, we will talk about various usual questions that we get from our clients regarding HR Outsourcing services. In today’s fast-paced business environment it is essential that the management of the enterprises focus their attention on the development of the business, growth of their market share and servicing the customers in the most efficient way. Therefore, it requires outsourcing certain functions where expertise is required. These can be outsourced to subject matter experts in the area. Thus, it is important that the HR, Finance, or purchase function be considered to be outsourced because business owners and management of the organization would not know the end-to-end latest and most efficient processes for these functions. Same stands for the HR function. The support that HR experts can bring to the table through an HR route will help in the overall growth of the organization. Salahkaar Consultants office helps Dubai companies to streamline their HR. We recommend that organizations must consider some HR Outsourcing companies in Dubai to streamline their function and reduce the cost of human resource management and increase efficiencies.


What is Human Resource Outsourcing?

In simple words, HR Outsourcing is outsourcing of entire or part of HR operations. Our clients who are looking for an HR Outsourcing companies in Dubai ask us to define what Human Resource Outsourcing is all about. Let me explain more about what is HR Outsourcing and typically what an organization like ours would do. As mentioned above, the core focus of HR Outsourcing Companies in Dubai or anywhere else in the world would be to (1) bring expertise in other words subject matter knowledge and skill, (2) reduce the risk of litigation because of employees’ management in various areas like payroll, labor handling, etc. (3) reduce the cost so that the entire operation and make it economical.


What are the types of HR outsourcing?

Let us talk about various types of HR outsourcing services that are there in the market. An organization can think to outsource its recruitment which is called recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), they can think to outsource payroll which is called compensation and benefit or payroll outsourcing. There could be an HR outsourcing of certain smaller functions of the organization like background check verification outsourcing, or outsourcing HR activities for a few of the offices or for some of the factories to Salahkaar Consultants before moving to bigger graphical areas.


Best HR outsourcing company in Dubai

Many times clients come to us and ask which are the best HR Outsourcing companies in Dubai. Our answer to them is that there could be many HR outsourcing services companies and few of them would be large Outsourcing companies as well. But if you wish to have a focussed working on your HR processes and systems development then our recommendation would be to go for a mid-size outsourcing service providers but they need to have a good consultants pool similar to Salahkaar Consultants. Normally mid-sized HR outsourcing companies have better focus than larger companies where bureaucracy dominates in many decision-making. Even the adoption of the latest trends in HR is seen less at these companies. You may consider checking various videos and letters by our clients giving feedback about Salahkaar Consultants’ service and our standards on the home page of this website.


A few of our clients also ask, which services can we get with HR outsourcing companies.

Our answer goes this way – You can go for the following Salahkaar Consultants service when you consider HR outsourcing services:
Payroll outsourcing or compensation and benefits outsourcing
Recruitment (temporary, contract, permanent staffing outsourcing)
Background check and other verification outsourcing
Interview Outsourcing
Training process outsourcing
Performance appraisal system management outsourcing and similar


Here is another common question from our prospective clients

What are the benefits of an HR outsourcing company for your business?

As discussed in the previous section of the article, there are many benefits when you outsource your HR department to a third party. In addition to the already mentioned advantages, you also get the latest tools and software and many times free of cost because seasoned HR outsourcing companies would have these software with them. Because of these benefits to the users (clients), HR outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the western world and also catching up in the rest of the markets of Asia.


Which new trends in HR outsourcing can benefit your business?

When our clients ask – which new trends in HR Outsourcing can benefit their business, then we talk about all those numerous trends that are seen in the HR outsourcing market. These are: shared services used by companies, automation of recruitment, attendance to payroll, employee query and many similar automation. Some of the other trends are new softwares like AI-based chat for recruitment pages, video interviews with pre-recorded questions and similar.
Also, the use of an online SAAS platform for campus hiring is coming up in a big way.
Few people ask what are HR outsourcing companies near me (you) – We would request to contact our firm in Dubai by writing here


Some of our clients ask – Why does your business need HR outsourcing?

HR outsourcing services provided by experts in the HR domain are something like having the right footballer in the football team and you are a great tennis player. So you will win in another game but your HR partner will win for you in other areas. If you wish to win more medals in the Olympics (so to say) then all your teams should be very strong. You have started a business, so you must be an expert in your industry and you would know the marketing and technology of your business. Similarly, an HR organization and its experts can bring better employee performance, hire better employees, do errorless payroll and save you from litigation by having compliance managed. Because of all these things, you must have a great HR team with you.


Will you like to get your company’s analysis done for your HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing) need? Or do you need anything specific like having a free best-written policy by an HRO team? If yes, do write to us here

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