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Salahkaar Consultants’ Outplacement Service is one of the oldest and most reputed ones in the industry. Across the globe, we operate with the brand name JustRelaxForNextBig (JRFNB)™.

We have helped numerous employees of our client companies to transition smoothly to a new job. We have industries one of the most intensive but still enjoyable trainings for the job seekers. This is training along with helping candidates with a professional resume written by our expert, connecting them with the best of consultants, and hand-holding them till the end of the process has helped many get a dream job. These services save employers from the tough situation where their loved employees go jobless post-firing from the job which then leads to a situation where employees struggle for their livelihood. 

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Blog: More information about Outplacement can be found in our blog seen hereunder. Written by our associate Sanskriti Jain, edited by Anjali S.



Outplacement may be a support service provided by some organizations to assist former employees in transition to new jobs. A consultancy firm usually provides the outplacement services which are purchased by the previous employer and are achieved usually through practical advice, training materials and workshops. Some companies may offer psychological support.

Outplacement is either delivered through individual one-on-one sessions or during a group format. Topics include career guidance, career evaluation, job search skills, targeting the work market, resume writing, interview preparation, developing networks, and negotiation.

Consultants support individuals seeking a replacement job, and also those looking to start out a replacement business, retire, or structure a portfolio of activities. Programs have deadlines, starting from a couple of months to more extended periods, like 12 months, and are offered in the least levels of the organization, from workers to corporate employees.

Outplacement provides former employees structure and guidance towards their new career option and preserves the morale of those who remain within the Company who see that colleagues are given the required support once they leave the corporate.


What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a service that assists a departing employee with obtaining a replacement job or transitioning to a replacement career. Access to outplacement services is obtainable by some employers as an employee benefit for his or her staff. These services are often beneficial for all parties monetarily, professionally, and emotionally and, more often than not, ensure a peaceful end to a working relationship.

Employees and employers alike are stressed by layoffs and terminations, but outplacement, a career support service that helps to leave workers to find new positions, can help ease the transition. Businesses that provide it may discover that it enhances their brand and lowers the expense of unemployment claims.


What is the process of outplacement?

Although outplacement can be done in-house, it’s more customary for companies to work with a third party that specializes in job coaching and career transition. Former employees who participate in the program can meet with their coach one-on-one, in groups, in person, online, or over the phone. The particular structure is usually determined by the program’s scope.


What is the cost of outplacement?

Outplacement fees vary depending on the number of employees enrolled and the services provided, so there’s usually something for everyone’s budget. High-end programs may be conducted in person and one-on-one, whilst lower-end programs are typically conducted online or in groups. Prices are also usually set per employee, regardless of how long it takes them to find work.


What services are excluded from outplacement?

Job coaches that specialize in helping people develop their personal brands are not recruiters. They don’t hire people directly, and they don’t look for job openings or apply for them on behalf of others.


Modern job search and outplacement

Outplacement services used to be provided at a physical location so that those who didn’t have access to a phone or computer could work on their resumes and apply for employment. However, technological advancements have rendered that business model mostly outdated. While face-to-face coaching is still accessible in some cases, most outplacement is now done through online training, video conferences, and text messaging.


What are the advantages of providing outplacement services?

Outplacement may appear to be a needless cost because it is spent on employees who are leaving the company. Career transition services, on the other hand, are frequently as beneficial to employers as they are to employees, and are well worth the extra expenditure. Companies that provide them may be able to:


Enhance their public image

When layoffs are announced, outplacement programs offer the message that an organization cares about its employees, which may reduce negative feedback. Businesses that are well-liked by the general public have a better chance of attracting top talent in the future.


Reduce the likelihood of disaster.

When employees are laid off or dismissed, they are frequently furious or frustrated. However, knowing that their former company will assist them in finding another job may lessen the likelihood of workplace violence or a wrongful termination case.


Enhance employee morale

Communication is an important aspect of outplacement. Employers who make it apparent that any employees who were laid off have access to career support programs may be able to reduce employee concern and keep them motivated.


Costs of unemployment are reduced.

Former employees will require fewer unemployment benefits if they can find new jobs quickly. Businesses that limit the number of claims they file each year may qualify for cheaper unemployment insurance premiums.


Outplacement’s potential drawbacks

People may be vying for the same employment with others in their outplacement program. Individuals may find it challenging to stand out in the job market if the service offers generic resume templates and group counseling rather than individualized, one-on-one education. Furthermore, some experienced professionals may find that anything other than individualized outplacement is ineffective.


What are employer outplacement services?

Outplacement isn’t always tailored to the needs of former employees. Employers and HR professionals may be able to benefit from consulting services. Some outplacement firms will assist in developing downsizing strategies, informing staff of layoffs, and putting in place support measures to keep retained employees productive.


How do you pick an outplacement provider?

Not just any outplacement service will suffice when it comes to brand reputation and employee relations. These phases are usually followed by a thorough examination of providers:


Keep an eye out for unique experiences.

The best outcomes come from solutions that are adapted to the way people choose to work — in-person, virtual, etc.


Examine the coaching staff’s background.

Job coaches must be familiar with the candidate’s selected industry and local market to be truly effective.


Showcase the technology

Not only should technology improve the job seeker’s experience, but it should also give businesses useful metrics on how effectively their outplacement program is doing.


Inquire about services for retained employees.

Businesses that use outplacement services that include resiliency training and redeployment solutions can assist their remaining employees to stay productive and engaged.


Examine the track record of the vendor.

Customer satisfaction ratings and the percentage of outplacement program participants who find new jobs are two markers of a vendor’s efficacy.


Frequently Asked Questions about Outplacement 


What are the advantages of outplacement?

Outplacement benefits are services provided by an employer as part of a severance package to assist terminated or laid-off employees in finding new employment.


What is outplacement counseling, and how does it work?

Job coaching, also known as outplacement counseling, assists candidates in assessing their talents and marketing themselves to possible companies. It can be given one-on-one or in a group setting.


What is the definition of outplacement assistance?

Outplacement assistance is a career program that assists terminated and laid-off employees with résumé writing, interview preparation, networking, browsing job boards, and other job-search strategies.


Why would an organization offer employee outplacement assistance?

Employers provide outplacement assistance because it can help improve their company’s reputation and alleviate some of the risk associated with layoffs and terminations, even though it adds to the cost of benefits packages


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History of Word OUTPLACEMENT

The term outplacement was coined quite 30 years ago by James E. Challenger, the founding father of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a Chicago-based career consultancy. Challenger created the concept of outplacement and therefore the initial programs to implement it.

With the increased rates of downsizing, rightsizing, redundancies and layoffs, particularly during the 1980s and 1990s, businesses increasingly found a requirement for a few sort of assistance in reducing the trauma of redundancy for both departing employees and people who remain. Indeed, research shows that losing one’s job is one of the foremost stressful experiences an individual can face aside from death and divorce.


Better Understanding of Outplacement

As we all know no one of us likes to be fired or laid faraway from employment or to deliver the news to somebody else, but going above and beyond a severance package by providing outplacement services can help both parties through an often-rough transition.

Sometimes services are offered in-house by the corporate that’s letting an employee go; others hire a 3rd party when it is necessary to stay expenses lower or if tensions or awkwardness are particularly high. Outplacement services were traditionally provided at an outplacement firm so as that the previous employee could have access to office tools (such as a phone and computer) that he or she needed in order to write down resumes and cover letters and find new employment. Today, many employees have home offices, therefore counseling can also be done over the phone.

Either way, the services remain the same: resume and canopy letter writing, coaching, marketing research, fine-tuning interviewing skills, salary negotiation, and other services designed to offer an ex-employee the simplest opportunity for locating another job as quickly as possible.


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Benefits of Outplacement Services

From an employee’s perspective, the outplacement certainly lightens the emotional load that comes with employment loss. It’s often overwhelming enough to seek out a dismissal on your desk. Outplacement services can often help with feelings of insecurity, embarrassment, anger, or fear of the unknown, which makes employment search that far more difficult.

On the opposite hand, employees should recognize that employer-paid outplacement services will, within the end, be incorporated into the employer’s total labor cost. This means any money the employer pays for outplacement might be made up by lowering total compensation in other ways.

From an employer’s perspective, providing outplacement services can show that the corporate truly cares about the person as a person’s being and will go an extended way toward thwarting any revenge. Insurers who provide insurance against the danger of wrongful termination lawsuits look favorably at firms that have a solid outplacement plan because it can reduce the danger of costly legal problems. Compassionate outplacement can also reduce the danger of workplace violence and active shooter situations.

It’s also how to stay in an ongoing relationship with an employee. That’s particularly important if it involves a layoff thanks to downsizing, not poor performance or behavior, or the person leaves on his or her own accord. It’s during a company’s best interest to be encouraging and supportive if it’s an eye fixed on possibly rehiring the person at a future time.

The other aspect of providing outplacement services can also help companies saving money on unemployment claims. While companies don’t pay extra when a former employee files a claim that’s approved, the annual rate they pay to the state toward unemployment is often affected.

That’s because that rate is decided by the number of claims past employees make during a year. for instance, consistent with, “a business with a $1 million payroll business can save quite $70,000 a year by avoiding unemployment claims.”

On the value side, employers should consider the traditional and expected rate of turnover in their labor pool. Frequent or large layoffs can considerably increase the value of providing outplacement service. Employers should plan ahead and budget the expected cost of outplacement into their total labor cost.


It’s the proper thing to try to for workers

Outplacement provides attention for workers who are shell-shocked by a layoff. Whether you’ve warned your staff that a serious layoff is coming or not, the finality of that Judgment Day and therefore the uncertainty of a minimum of temporary unemployment may be a shock to a person’s psyche. By providing them immediate outplacement services, you’re giving them a lifeline therein sea of uncertainty, something tangible to specialize in which will give real value, directly. More on that:-

  • Outplacement services empower laid-off employees to maneuver on faster to the subsequent stages in their professional lives. You give them the tools to define their passions, direct their next steps, and become hired again typically before if outplacement wasn’t provided.
  • Outplacement coaching is invaluable, especially for people that are out of the work marketplace for a short time. If you’re within the position of shedding longtime employees, it’s quite likely they’re not abreast of the newest job search trends, don’t know the importance of LinkedIn, haven’t heard of Glassdoor, and haven’t any idea the way to structure their time in transition.
  • Outplacement accelerates the work search process and good outplacement also supports those with harder transitions. It’s vital to support those with tougher searches, not just the people that land the fastest. as an example, changing industries are often difficult and time-consuming. Longer duration outplacement plans are an excellent thing. And since more progressive outplacement solutions, like GetFive, have untethered their plans from land, longer duration doesn’t get to mean out of the budget.
  • No cost to employees. When people lose their jobs, reduced income may be the main concern. Fortunately, outplacement services are complimentary to employees. Employers buy these services.
  • Providing structure is vital. Getting your resume out isn’t the primary step of a sensible job search. people who take the time to assess their direction and make a strong list of targets are getting to be in better shape.
  • Resume and profile coaching. Finding the voice of your resume may be a lot easier when there’s clarity on your targets.. If it’s been a while since your employees are within the job market, outplacement coaches can help create documents that highlight the acceptable skills during a modern, professional format and speak on to the opportunities.
  • Interview preparation. Interviewing for a replacement job are often nerve-racking. Outplacement coaches help people prepare by going over answers to common and difficult questions and software can assist you to shave off a couple of “ums, likes and ye knows”.
  • Career insight. Losing employment could be the impetus for a career change. If people want to shift focus, outplacement services are ready to help them learn more about their talents and passions in order that they can confidently choose the proper career path.
  • Networking advice. Everyone knows networking may be a key component of getting a replacement job, but how exactly does one do it? Outplacement services offer guidance, embracing the foremost effective networking strategies.
  • Positive reinforcement:- Losing your job can make people feel anxious. employment search that drags out can make them feel depressed. Outplacement services are like having an ally who is usually there as a sounding board to assist people in vent concerns then offer you a lift of regeneration so you’ll keep your eye on the prize.


Why Outplacement is sweet for YOUR business?

A strong employer brand is critical to attracting the simplest talent, and during this job market, it means quite ever. By ensuring that your exiting employees are immediate that specialize in their careers, instead of their frustrations at being abandoning, you’ll substantially reduce the adverse impact on your social reputation. How? Today, disgruntled employees who are upset a few layoff aren’t just complaining to friends and family. They’re posting on social media, ripping you on Glassdoor, and doing tangible damage to your employer brand within the process. And make no mistake about it, when you’re trying to draw in top talent, those bad reviews and comments on social media matter. Our surveys show that the proper approach to outplacement reduces reputational fallout significantly.

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