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Resignation Policy

Notice Period SOP

Standard Operating Procedure of Resignations



The company follows a methodical procedure in handling Resignations. Voluntary Resignations tend to disrupt the workflow of a company. To maintain the homeostasis of the office environment and ensure proper functioning of all departments, we formulate terms and conditions for the betterment of both the company and the employee. 



The scope of the Resignation Policy extends to every individual employee enjoined to the institution.



Voluntary Resignation entails the situations where an employee communicates with the HR informing them about terminating their contribution and services to the company. If an individual’s absence outsources to three consecutive days without notice, it would also be counted as Voluntary Termination. 





In order to attempt Resignation from the company, one is required to personally interact with the Managing Director to confer a charted out structure highlighting the impending work. Employees are required to have completed all responsibilities bestowed upon them by the company followed by ensuing a resignation letter. Similar terms apply to outstationed employees ( Marketing, Executives/Managers),

where they follow the previous steps, the last step would constitute sending the resignation letter via email addresses to the Managing Director. Each employee would have to serve at least one month’s notice period during which it would be expected that the individual finishes the pending work until his responsibilities are handed over to a new employee or their mentor. The departure of an individual from the company shall lead to a knowledge gap in the operations and  management. The employee must resolve or minimize such a gap prior to leaving the institution. 



The employees of the company are asked to perpetuate a written and signed copy of the resignation notice which is added and stored as a part of the records.However, the company follows a strict policy of non-verbal resignations. 

In case of a verbal resignation, the company is liable to not accept the resignation letter. 

The stipulated period of notice commences from the point of submission of an official formal letter stating the wish to resign. 

.It is a must for the employee to inform one of the individuals: the supervisor, mentor or the HR, ideally both. The final approval comes from the Managing Director itself because the acceptance and rejection of the desired resignation lies solely on his discretion.



The company entrusts an individual employee with  properties and gadgets such as laptops, organisers and more to ensure the smooth functioning of their duties and input. In the attempt of resignation, all company-owned properties must be returned to the supervisor/mentor on the last working day. 



The possibility of an employee being asked to quit while serving the notice period is viable. On such occasions, the pay provided will contain the amount as discussed including the entire notice period. 



In exceptional cases, an employee might request  the resignation be revoked.

This must be done within the provided time period of two days prior to confirmation of the acceptance of resignation from the HR. It is the company’s behest to decide on granting or not granting the request to revoke depending on the particular cases. However, revoking a resignation is not deemed appropriate and is actively discouraged hence one is ushered to think and rethink their decision to resign before they get involved in the process. 


Sometimes, employees who quit may be asked 

Revoking resignation

Employees may ask our company to revoke their resignation within the time period until they receive confirmation from HR, which is two days.(to be mentioned by the organization). Our company will decide whether or not to grant this request on a case-by-case basis. After that period, they can not revoke their resignation. However, we advise against such decisions. If an employee decides to quit, they should make sure that their decision is final.



The Company urges the employees to make their decision to resign public by informing their fellow team members, colleagues, the supervisor and other people who are a part of the company. The team leaders are expected to convey their resignation to their team. HRs may transmit the information of their resignation to higher authorities and any and every individual that might fall under direct influence of the decision. 



Employees possess their right to resign when wanted, establishing free will under the circumstances that they follow the respective procedure. The company would ensue that resignation is not forced on an employee. The following conditions are not violated:-

  1. Birthing hostility or creating an unpleasant environment amongst the members of the institution. 
  2. Cajoling and Commanding Resignation from any employee. 
  3. Harassment, Retaliation or Victimization of fellow members is strictly prohibited.
  4. Derogatory actions such as demoting or increasing workload of an employee to manipulate the individual to resign is not deemed appropriate.

Our right to terminate an employee is only accessed when the policies of the company are not adhered to by the individual or they engage in situations that place the company at risk.



Our company values feedback and opinions. We usher employees to share their experiences and comments on the practices induced in the workforce. This in turn helps improve the functioning of the company and make a better environment for other employees. 

This feedback is taken by the HR who holds the responsibility of looking after the well being of the employees who join as a part of the company. However such interviews are not mandatory and can be refused at will and this will not hold any adverse result for the employee in terms of any benefit that they were entitled to.

The exit interviews are brief and thorough. They hold no underlying agenda except to better the conditions and working structure of the company. 



The rehiring of an employee completely depends on the fact that the resignation previously issued to the individual was mutual. 

Ex employees may or may not be considered as new employees. The company will stand as the sole perpetrator of this decision based on the interval of time between their resignation and the present. If considered to be a current employee, then one may not be a party to benefits imparted on the basis of the tenure of the employment or seniority. 



Employees are liable to receive pay for every day or hour of work in our company. The last payment will be provided within a month from their last day of work or will be followed according to legal requirements. There would be no payment issued for unused or sick leaves.  No leave would be assigned to employees when serving the notice period.



The employees of the company are kindly asked to follow the given procedure in order to ensure a mutual resignation:-

  1. Inform the managers in person about the possibility of resignation.
  2. Any and every issue that an employee faces, must be discussed immediately.
  3. Convey the resignation notice properly signed to the manager and HR, one month in advance. 
  4. Converse with the HR to talk about the details of outstanding wages and benefits. 



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