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Publicity plays a major role in attracting top talents to a company. So it is common for companies and organizations to update the new job seekers about the vacancy or recruitment through social media posts. Different companies have their own websites where they post new vacancies every day.

While posting new vacancies in the social media it is very important to make the job seekers know about the jobs. For this the companies and organizations write what is known as job description or JD.

What is JD?

Job description or JD is a written document that gives the entire details about the job vacancies. A Job description gives the job seekers idea about the job that they are going to apply for. This document has details like the salary structure, duties, and responsibilities. The job description gives an overall idea about the day to day activities that the employees have to do once he / she joins the company.

Why job description is important?

Now you may wonder why is it necessary to have a job description. Well there are many things that can be resolved by having a good job description of the vacancies. Let us have a look at some of the importance that this written document serves in a company or an organization.

  1. Attracts job seekers:

Job description plays a very major role in attracting job seekers and new talents into your company. Since this document contains all the necessary details about the company and the job it gives a proper idea to the job seekers if they are eligible for the job.


  1. Backbone of the hiring process:

A written document always provides clarity of thoughts. Similarly in recruiting and hiring process, a job description plays a similar role. Job description give the employees clarity about the job they are going to do and the recruiters about what kind of employees they want in their team.


  1. Give the necessary details:

Job description gives the new job seekers the complete details about the job vacancies that the company has. It mentions about the role and the responsibilities that one has to do after getting the job.


  1. Gives an idea to both the managers and the employees about the job:

This helps both job seekers know about the job. Job description also helps the managers to recruit suitable people for the job. The recruiters could analyze the skills of the candidates according to the mentioned skills in the job description and can hire suitable people for the role.


  1. Helps in conveying the ideologies of the company or the organization:

Since the job description gives an overview of the company as a whole, it conveys the message and ideologies of the company or the organization. By conveying the ideologies and work culture of the company, the job description helps the company to attract more number of talents into their company.


Benefits of a good job description

There are many benefits of writing and posting a good job description. Listed below are some of the few benefits that a company gains after posting a good job description

  1. Helps in recruiting people:

A good job description helps in attracting good and talented people to the company. A well written job description gives the overview of the work cculture and ethics of the company. It not only describes the role of the employee but also helps the reader understand his / her contribution to the company. This attracts the new talents to the company. also a job description helps the recruiters to recruit people who are suitable for the job.

  1. Maintains the transparency of the company or the organization:

Transparency is the key feature that attracts a lot of employees. a good job description gives the entire details about the dynamics of the company or the organization. A job description is the first thing that the job seeker notices. They analyze the document and choose if they want to work for the company.

  1. Helps in conveying the message:

Job descriptions are a way of conveying the message and the end goals of the company. So a job description, when written properly would be able to make the employee motivated to work for succeeding and achieving the goal. Many companies give the reader an overview of the ethics and principles the company is based on. In such cases they are successful in conveying the message and get a good number of applicants.

  1. Provides clear solutions for conflicts:

There may be times when confusion or conflicts may arise regarding the job. So a written document describing all the important facts about the job is necessary. This would help the recruiters to see for those people who have the particular skills or knowledge required for the job. This also helps the candidates to analyze for themselves if they are eligible for the job.

  1. Records the statistics:

A job description helps in recording and maintaining the statistics related to vacancies and filled jobs of the company. Job descriptions can be a way of maintaining the record of what vacancies are left to fill. Accordingly the recruiters would try to take up candidates who fit the roll.

  1. Helps in sorting out hard working employees:

Job description also helps in sorting out the hard working employees of the company from the people who are not working with sincerity. This helps in removing the employees who are doing nothing and neglecting their responsibilities.

  1. Helps in retaining the employees:

A good job description helps in retaining the employees.


What should be included in the job description?

A good job description should be written in such a manner that after reading it once, the reader should not have any doubts regarding the job. Job description should contain all the necessary details that the employee should know about the job before joining the company or the organization.

Here are some of the components that should be added in your job description document.

  1. Title of the job:

The first thing that a candidate reads is the job title. So therefore choose a suitable title for the job that would give the reader idea about the role instantly. It is often suggested to keep the job title simple and clear.

  1. End goal of the job:

Mention in brief about the end goals or the targets of this job. give the details about what the company is expecting at the end of the year from this role.

  1. Description of the goal:

explain briefly the goals of this job.

  1. Responsibilities and duties of the employee for that particular job: explain in full details the responsibilities and the duties of the employees that he / she have to carry on after getting the job.
  2. Place of posting:

To avoid further conflicts and confusions it is better to mention the place of posting.

  1. Qualifications needed:

Educational qualifications should be mentioned very briefly and concisely. Since people get confused about the eligibility criteria, it is necessary to mention it in clear tone.

  1. Skills and pre requisites need:

Mention of additional skills should be done properly. Job descriptions should have a mention of any extra skills or knowledge that would be needed in the course of time by the employee in future. this would help the candidate analyze if he / she is ready to take up the role.

  1. Details about the department and the manager:

A good job description also mentions the full details about not only the kind of job but also about the department and the manager that the candidate would be going to report to daily. This would help the candidate understand the hierarchy of the company and would make him / her understand about the kind of work he / she have to do.

  1. Benefits and future scopes:

Mention the future scopes that this role would give to the employees in full details. Mention if the candidate would be given chances to enhance their skills in future.

  1. About the company and its work culture:

The job description should not only mention the details about the job but also about the company offering itself. The job description should be written in such a manner that it gives the reader an idea about the work culture of the company as well.

  1. Salary structure:

A good job description should also mention the salary structure of the job. A candidate should know the full details of how much he would be getting by doing this particular job.

  1. Extra benefits other than salary:

Extra benefits other than the salary should be mentioned. Benefits like number of paid leaves and insurances if given should be mentioned clearly.


Some points to remember while writing a job description.

While we discussed about the things and the components that should be added in the job description, it is necessary to keep few points in mind.

  1. Simple and clear:

A good job description should be crisp and clear which should be understood by the readers. It should be written in a very understandable and easy language.

  1. Suitable job title:

Choosing a suitable job title should be the first and foremost thing to do. A suitable job title would give the reader idea about the job.

  1. Responsibilities and duties should be emphasized:

One of the important things to mention in full details is the responsibilities of the job mentioned in the job description. A job description should contain the entire details of what the employee should do after getting the job.

  1. Pre requisites and skills should be mentioned properly:

Another important thing to mention in the job description is the pre requisites and skills. This would not only help the job seekers to apply for the job but also the recruiters who recruit for the same.

  1. Salary structure and other benefits should be highlighted properly:

Often job descriptions mention only the salary that would be given to the employee, but it should be worth noting that mentioning all the other benefits and the entire salary structure would attract more number of employees. This small description would show that you as a company are transparent and value the employees.

  1. Complete transparency while mentioning about the company:

A new job seeker always wants to know more about the company. He / she searches for information that would give him / her, the idea about the dynamics of the working of the company. so to attract more number of talents it is absolutely necessary to mention the history and the principles of the company.



Job description is a very important written document for attracting and hiring new talents into the company. A good job description would not only help in attracting new talents but would also help in retaining the employees. Job description should contain each and every details starting from the job title to the responsibilities one has to hold. Since this will be the guidebook for a new employee, it is absolutely necessary to make it easy to understand.

There are several benefits of having a good job description in your official portal. First off, it makes recruiting and hiring easier. The written document becomes a guidebook for the recruiters as well while looking up for the perfect person for the job. Second, a good job description helps the company send the message and principles of the company directly to the employees. This makes the employees feel motivated. In order to write a good job description it is important to know what should be added in it. To make it understandable, it is often suggested to write it clear and concise mentioning each and every detail. It is absolutely necessary to mention the details like the job title, roles and responsibilities, place of posting, etc.

So this was all about job description. Hope this article helped you in understanding what a good job description looks like. Stay tuned for more such articles.



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